Nursing Students Present Resolution

September 24, 2021

Sara Cantrell, Heidi Jenkins, Alexis Jones presented a resolution that passed today at the Iowa Association of Nursing Schools convention the resolution is called RAISING AWARENESS AND PROMOTING BREAST-FEEDING SUPPORT TO REDUCE THE INCIDENCE OF POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION.

As a result of this passed resolution, the Iowa Association of Nursing Students will publish an article written by Grand View Nursing Student Association about the need for awareness and education surrounding breastfeeding support, provide a pamphlet providing education and resources to be distributed at the discretion of IANS Board of Directors. IANS will also send a copy of this resolution to American Association of Colleges of Nursing, American Nursing Association, Iowa Nursing Association, National League for Nursing, National Student Nursing Association (NSNA), and all others deemed appropriate by the IANS Board of Directors.

Pictured: Sara Cantrell and Heidi Jenkins. Alexis Jones could not attend.