Dr. David Hannum

Title: Lecturer of Business Administration
Dept.: Business Administration

David has over 25 years experience teaching at the undergraduate collegiate level in both on ground, blended/hybrid and online environments as well as over 40 years of professional experience to include P&L responsibilities, consulting, human resources, marketing, sales, management, military and technical operations in wide range of venues, both in domestic and international locations. He also holds two-plus graduate degrees and is currently working on a Doctor in Business Administration (DBA). At Grand View, David teaches courses in both traditional and non-traditional formats; all modalities. He is also the president and principle owner of his own consulting company.

Academic History

  • B.S. Aeronautics: Embry Riddle University
  • M.S. Technology (MBA equivalent): Eastern Illinois University
  • M.S. Human Resources Management: Chapman University
  • DBA (ABD): Baker Graduate School, Baker College
  • Additional graduate course work in economics from the University of Oklahoma

Start Date at Grand View

  • August 2011

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Administration
  • Economics

Research / Accomplishments

  • A number of national awards for application oriented projects.

Questions & Answers

What makes Grand View unique among other universities?
Grand View is unique thanks to its small class sizes and a student population who is academically focused in all modalities. 
What is your favorite part about working at Grand View?
My favorite part about working at Grand View as a part time faculty is being made to feel as an integral part of the university and not looked at as simply an "adjunct" faculty member. 

Student Testimonials

  • "Dr. Hannum reached out to me when I reached a low point in the semester, with life throwing many curve balls and the pressure got overwhelming and so intense, I was going to quit. Dr. Hannum emailed, texted and reached out to me to encourage me to take one bite at a time and that there are opportunities to finish strong. Even the strongest have weaknesses. I am so grateful for his encouraging words of wisdom and showing me that he really cared as a person. I will forever remember the impact he made on my education and my choices of hanging in there. Today, I know I am still a student through hard work, determination to not let go of a dream and encouragement from Dr. Hannum. He really has made a difference in my life. Thank you. The entire staff was willing to work with my situation. Grand View University really cares about their students." - Regina King