Graduate Program Persistence

Persistence is defined as students who either graduated or are still actively pursuing a graduate degree within three years of beginning their studies. See the rates below at which students stay and finish their Grand View education since the fall of 2012, as measured at the end of the fall semester.


Graduate Student Persistence
(First fall enrollment to the following fall enrollment)
Graduate Programs Completion
within three years
Fall 2019 89.7% *27.6%**
Fall 2018 73.3% 84.0%**
Fall 2017 84.0% 88.0%**
Fall 2016 58.8% 52.9%
Fall 2015 85.3% 79.4%

*Students have not been enrolled long enough to complete the two-year program yet.
**Students enrolled part-time are still completing the program so this number is incomplete.