Undergraduate Licensing Pass Rates

Information on licensure exam pass rates is available for selected programs. Additional data will be published here as it becomes available.

Nursing NCLEX Pass Rates

Calendar Year Percent Successful Pass Rate
2020 80.0%
2019 89.5%
2018 70.0% 
2017 84.3%

Teacher Education Praxis II Pass Rates

The Praxis II is a nationally-normed series of examinations which must be passed by education department graduates to obtain a state teaching license. All students seeking licensure in Iowa must pass a general pedagogy-focused test for their grade level endorsement (Principles of Learning and Teaching) as well as a content-focused exam for their specific content area (e.g., Math, Social Studies).

  % Pass
Calendar Year Pedagogy1 Content2
2019  95%  92% 
2018 92%  93% 
2017 93% 90%
2016 85% 86%
2015 84% 69%
2014 89% 85%

1Principles of Learning and Teaching
2Summary results combined across various areas