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Pre-Dentistry Professional Program

Students who intend to become dentists get a strong foundation for medical school by choosing Grand View’s pre-professional dentistry program. Most dental schools provide substantial latitude in the academic majors that students may pursue at the baccalaureate level.

At Grand View, students must work closely with their pre-dental advisor to successfully and efficiently meet both the academic requirements of the major they select and the professional school requirements. Most dental school applicants have earned a baccalaureate degree prior to acceptance into professional school.

Why Grand View?

  • Research opportunities and assistance in pursuing internships
  • Highly individualized advising
  • Small classes taught by faculty who are recognized as accomplished teachers and researchers
  • State-of-the-art facilities and instrumentation
Career Options

The pre-dentistry program at Grand View will prepare you for a wide variety of dental careers. Your future awaits as a:

  • Orthodontics
  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Hospital and operative dentistry
  • Researching dental diseases and treatment techniques
  • General dentistry
  • Periodontics
  • Dental public health
  • Endontics
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Oral and maxillofacial radiology
  • Prosthodontics
Recommended Courses

The prerequisite courses required by most dental schools include:

  • ENGL 101 - English Composition
  • SPCH 126, plus two other ENGL classes
  • CHEM 111, 111L, 112, 112L - General Chemistry (8 hours with lab)
  • BIOL 101, 101L, 102, 102L - General Biology (8 hours with lab)
  • CHEM 321, 321L, 322, 322L - Organic Chemistry (8 hours with lab)
  • PHYS 131, 131L, 132, 132L - General Physics (8 hours with lab)

The following courses are recommended, but not required:

  • CHEM 351 - Biochemistry
  • BIOL 360 - Genetics
  • BIOL 335 - Physiology
  • BIOL 380 - Cell Biology
  • BIOL 410 - Histology
  • BIOL 420 - Gross Anatomy
  • CHEM 452 - Advanced Biochemistry
  • Job shadowing hours are also recommended
Other Resources
Former Grand View Student Testimonial

Dr. Steven A. Neville, DDSAn Iowa native, Steven Neville grew up in Bondurant and graduated from Bondurant-Farrar High School, Grand View University, and the University of Iowa College of Dentistry earning a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. 

While earning his undergraduate degree at Grand View, Steven majored in biology and minored in chemistry. In his own words, Steven says, "The science education at Grand View prepared me well for dental school. You don’t know how good of an education you receive until you leave school. Dental school science curriculum was essentially a repeat of my science classes at Grand View, which gave me more flexibility with my time."

Steven chose to attend dental school at the University of Iowa because it was close to home and was known as one of the big 10 dental schools to have a great reputation. It also offered science-based clinical skills and the autonomy to run your own business, which he able to accomplish in 2012 with his own practice in Bondurant, Iowa.

Steven recommends Grand View to future students interested in dentistry. "Grand View will prepare you well for your admissions testing, future dental education, and dental program didactic and clinical boards," Steven says. "The small class sizes, the professionalism of the faculty, and the support from the department will give you a personal touch that is hard to come by. The education you will receive at Grand View is a microcosm of practicing in any medical field, including dentistry. You will learn to embrace and appreciate people who care, peer interaction, and creativity."

Student Testimonials

Jori AveryJori Avery

“Jori always takes the time to listen to my concerns and help develop a plan of action. She is knowledgeable and loves to share her wisdom. She was recently a student herself so she relates well to students here at GVU.” - Allyssa Angle

Dr. Bonnie HallDr. Bonnie Hall

“Dr. Hall helped me get back to Grand view.” - Blaze Kahikina

“I have been struggling with multiple health issues throughout this semester. Dr. Hall has gone above and beyond to make accommodations for me and to look out for me academically, physically, and emotionally. She is constantly pushing students to get the very best out of their education and creates inspiration in the daunting field of biochemistry. Because of Dr. Hall I have a greater love for biochemistry and for research. She has introduced me to multiple wonderful opportunities to help me grow and become a better scientist. Dr. Hall is a true inspiration to me and I can't describe in words how appreciative I am for all of her help and support. Thank you for being such an amazing mentor!” - Alli Rupert

“Dr. Hall helped me with my academic processes, like my class scheduling, change of major when I needed to, critical advising about biochemistry, and many more.” - Abubakar Barau

“She encouraged me and gave me confidence to get things done when I didn't think I could do it. She understood me, but also didn't let me take the easy way out.” - Grant Weldon

“She talked me through it when I felt lost in what major I wanted to pursue. She was honest and supportive of what I wanted to pursue and helped me feel at peace with my decision. She also helped by writing a recommendation for a scholarship. I really appreciate everything she has done for me and she really deserves to be recognized for it!” - Alexa Pinos

Dr. Corbin Zea

Dr. Corbin Zea

“Dr. Zea is always willing to help with more than just classes and is very easy to get along with and talk to. He gets to know students on a personal level rather than just as another student.” - Tyler Henze

“Dr. Zea is my advisor but has also been my professor for multiple classes. He always makes time for me even outside of his office hours. He is also one of the most enthusiastic professors I know.” - Sunnie Baumgartner

“Dr. Zea brings a whole other level of enthusiasm to his classes that you don't see from other professors. This makes classes more enjoyable and easier to learn.” - Elma Omanovic

Frequently Asked Questions STEM Honors Scholarship


The following supports the pre-dentistry program:

Frequently Asked Questions

How high should my GPA be in order to go to dental school?
The average GPA for students admitted to dental programs is approximately 3.7.
When should I begin my pre-dentistry coursework?
All pre-dentistry students should begin their coursework as early as possible in their academic career.
Are there any organizations at Grand View available for pre-dental students?
The Catalyst (ASBMB student chapter)
How long does it take to get through dental school?
It takes four years to get through dental school.

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Interested students should contact the Admissions Office for more information regarding our pre-professional preparation program.

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