How do I order a copy of my official transcript?

The National Student Clearinghouse manages our transcript request and billing processes.

You can place as many orders as you like in one session using any major credit card. Your card will be charged only after your order has been completed. Order updates are available via mobile text message and will also be emailed to you. You can also track your order online using your email address and order number.

Your signed consent will be required to fulfill your transcript order. For your convenience, a consent form will be generated for your order that you can approve instantly online or return via fax, mail, or as a scanned email attachment.

All I need is an official copy of my transcript. How do I find that?
Students who can access myView and do not have a business office transcript hold can find an unofficial transcript under myTools > Students > Academic Profile.
How do I request an enrollment verification?

Grand View has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment and degree verifications. We do not give that information by phone.

The National Student Clearinghouse can be contacted at:

Mail: National Student Clearinghouse
2300 Dulles Station Boulevard, Suite 300
Herndon, VA 20171
Who is my academic advisor?
1. Log onto your myView webpage.
2. Click on the myTools link located under Common Apps on the left hand side of the page.
3. Click on the Academic Profile link.
4. Click on My Profile.
How do I check my grades?

Official Final Grades
Some faculty maintain a course site on Blackboard so students can track their progress throughout the semester. Your official final grade, however, is submitted to the Registrar’s Office at the end of the semester to be added to your transcript. You can view your transcripted final grade on myView in myTools > Academic Profile > Grades by Term (w Mid-Term). Grades are typically due after finals week or the last week of the class by Noon on the Tuesday.

Midterm Grades
For classes that last a full semester (not accelerated sessions), faculty are required to report midterm grades only for students earning a D or an F.  You can view it on myView in myTools > Academic Profile > Grades by Term (w Mid-Term). You can find the midterm grade reporting deadline on the Term Calendar.

How can I receive a final grade report?
If you need a printout of your grades for reimbursement or insurance purposes, you will need to fill out a grade request form. Any questions about a specific grade should be directed to your instructor for that class. You can request a copy of your transcript through the National Student Clearinghouse. There is a fee for each transcript.
How do I register for classes?

The registration process begins before your actual registration date. 

  1. You can find your registration date on the term calendar for the current semester.
  2. Watch for alerts in the Your Active Notices box on myView. Some alerts will prevent you from registering.
  3. Map out your planned courses as part of your Completion Plan. 
  4. Watch your GV email for instructions from your academic advisor about when they’ll start meeting with students to assist in planning your classes.
  5. Video 6 on the Completion Plan page (see above) shows how to register from your timeline.
  6. Once the first date of a term arrives, you’ll need a Change of Registration Form, signed by your academic advisor, turned in at the Registrar’s Office in order to add the class. After the first week of the class, you’ll also need the instructor’s signature to add their course.
How do I drop a class?

Prior to the first date of a term, you can add and drop a class through myView > Student Self Service > Plan and Schedule.

Once the first date of the class arrives, you’ll need to take a Change of Registration form, signed by your academic advisor, to the registrar’s office. Individual classes dropped during the first week of the class will not apply to your records. Individual classes dropped after the first week of the class to the 60% point in the class will continue to count toward billing credits for the semester and will result in a W mark that can impact satisfactory progress calculations.

If you drop your only class or withdraw from all of your classes at once, you’ll need to complete the withdrawal process. Please contact the Student Life Office at (515) 263-2885 or the Center for Graduate, Adult and Online Learning Office at (515) 263-2934 to withdraw.

What is a Completion Plan and how do I create one?

The Completion Plan maps out the classes you’ll take each semester until your degree is complete. Please visit the Completion Plan page on myView for instructions on building your plan: myView > Academics > Advising > Completion Plan.

Why don't I see my transfer coursework on my record?

Transfer coursework is listed with no term label on your unofficial transcript and on your My Progress report in Academic Planning. All courses completed at GV will have a term label. 

Make sure you requested that you used the originating college or university’s process to request mailing an official transcript to Admissions, Grand View University, 1200 Grandview Avenue, Des Moines IA 50316, after your final grades were posted. Please allow a few weeks for a college or university to process the transcript request, print and mail it, and have it processed at Grand View.
A few weeks after requesting the transcript from the originating institution, you can email rbaron @ to check on its progress.
I took college coursework during high school or over the summer. What do I need to do in order to add those credits to my record?
Use the originating college or university’s transcript request process to have them mail an official copy of your transcript directly to Admissions, Grand View University, 1200 Grandview Avenue, Des Moines IA 50316.
I have a registration hold. What do I need to do?
On myView in your “Notices” box, click on the "You have notices" link. It will take you to a page with instructions.
I have a transcript hold. What do I need to do?
On myView in your “Notices” box, click on the "You have notices" link. It will take you to a page with instructions. 
I want to change my major. What do I need to do?
Visit the myView Advising page for the Change of Advisor/Major Request form.
What is a graduation petition or graduation application and why do I need one?

About a year before you anticipate finishing your last classes, you’ll work with your advisor to petition for graduation. The graduation petition process will help you map out your classes through to graduation, help make sure you and the registrar’s office understand how your academic program requirements will be met so adjustments can be made if necessary, and include you in our graduation communication list for important deadlines.

When is graduation, also known as commencement?
Commencement, the ceremony that celebrates the academic year’s graduates and candidates for graduation, is held the last weekend in April.
How do I update my contact information (address, phone number, email address, etc.)?
  1. On myView, click on your name in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Click on the myAccount link. You will be taken to a new page.
  3. Click on the Contact Information link and submit information only in the fields where changes need to be made.

It can take several days for the information to be updated depending on the volume of changes submitted in a day.

I need to authorize a release of information to my parents.
  1. On myView, click on your name in the upper right hand corner.  
  2. Click on the myAccount link. You will be taken to a new page. 
  3. Click on the Relationships and Authorizations link. Carefully read the instructions to make updates.
What is FERPA?

FERPA is the law that prohibits the release of your educational records. Additional information including the types of information that can be released. You can keep your information secure by not sharing your myView password with anyone. 

Grand View University, in full compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, shall make educational records available to students upon request. Likewise, in accordance with the law, individually identifiable educational records will not be released to other than  authorized individuals without the written consent of the students. Students have the right to file complaints with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Office (FERPA) in Washington, D.C., concerning alleged failures by the institution to comply with the Act.

Student educational records are open to inspection and review by the individual student with certain exceptions which are permitted under the act. Among those items excepted from this policy are confidential letters written prior to January 1, 1975, records held by counselors and other psychological records held on a student, private records in the sole possession of the maker, or financial records of the parents. Students’ records are open to other school officials, including teachers within the educational institution or local educational agency who have been determined to have legitimate educational interest, and those others specified in the act.

As of January 3, 2012, the U.S. Department of Education’s FERPA regulations expand the circumstances under which student education records and personally identifiable information (PII) contained in such records – including Social Security Number, grades, or other private information – may be accessed without student consent.  First, the U.S. Comptroller General, the U.S. Attorney General, the U.S. Secretary of Education, or state and local education authorities (“Federal and State Authorities”) may allow access to student records and PII without student consent to any third party designated by a Federal or State Authority to evaluate a federal- or state-supported education program.  The evaluation may relate to any program that is “principally engaged in the provision of education,” such as early childhood education and job training, as well as any program that is administered by an education agency or institution. Second, Federal and State Authorities may allow access to student education records and PII without student consent to researchers performing certain types of studies, in certain cases even when we object to or do not request such research. Federal and State Authorities must obtain certain use-restriction and data security promises from the entities that they authorize to receive your PII, but the Authorities need not maintain direct control over such entities.  In addition, in connection with Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems, State Authorities may collect, compile, permanently retain, and share without student consent PII from your education records, and they may track student participation in education and other  programs by linking such PII to other personal information about students that they obtain from other Federal or State data sources, including workforce development, unemployment insurance, child welfare, juvenile justice, military service, and migrant student records systems.

Students have the right to challenge the contents of their education records, to have a hearing if the outcome of the challenge is unsatisfactory, and to submit explanatory statements for inclusion in their files if they feel the decision of hearing officers is unacceptable.

Grand View University considers the following categories to be directory information, and, as such, may release it to any or all inquiries in such forms as news releases, directories, or computer address lists: the student’s name, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, advisor, major field of study, dates of attendance, enrollment status, degrees and awards received, honors received (including Dean’s and President’s Lists), most recent previous educational agency or institution attended, photographic view or electronic images, class level, anticipated date of completion, participation in official recognized activities and sports, and for members of athletic teams, weight and height.

Students who do not wish this information to be released may prevent such a release by sending a written request to the Registrar’s Office. If a student requests that directory information not be released, it will prohibit Grand View University from providing any of the above information except the student’s name, Grand View University email address, information related to participation in sports, and information published in the commencement program. If students do not want student’s name, Grand View University email address, information related to participation in sports, and information published in the commencement program released, they should contact the registrar.

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