Dependent Education Assistance (DEA)

The Dependent Education Assistance Program (DEA) Chapter 35 provides aid to a spouse, son or daughter (including stepchild or adopted child) of veterans who are either deceased or permanently and totally disabled as the result of a service-connected disability.

Chapter 35 Handout


As a son or daughter (including stepchild or adopted child) you can generally receive benefits under Chapter 35 from age 18 to 26 (8 years). Under certain circumstances you can begin before age 18 and continue after age 26. You can receive payments under Chapter 35 for a maximum of 45 months of full time benefit.

As a spouse of a veteran who is permanently and totally disabled based on a service-connected disability you generally have 10 years from one of the following dates:

  • Effective date of the veteran’s permanent and total disability evaluation
  • Date the VA notifies the veteran of the permanent and total disability
  • Beginning date you choose between 1 and 2 above

As a spouse you can receive payments under Chapter 35 for a maximum of 45 months of full time benefit.

Applying for Benefits

If you have never used Chapter 35 GI BILL® benefits before you will need to apply for the benefits.

  1. Visit the VA’s website.  
  2. Select the tab Apply for Benefits. 
  3. Launch the Veterans Online Application (VONAPP).
  4. Complete and submit the application (VA Form 22-5490).

The VA will mail you a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) in 4-6 weeks. When you receive the COE please provide a copy to the Military Certifying Official.  

If you have used GI BILL® benefits at a different school and are now coming to Grand View University, the VA requires you to complete a Change of Place of Training form (VA Form 22-5495). You may complete this form online by visiting the VA’s website and then launching the Veterans Online Application (VONAPP). You may also complete this form by contacting the Military Certifying Official.

Receiving Payments

When you notify the Military Certifying Official that you are registered for classes, the Military Certifying Official will submit a certification to the VA. The VA can take up to 4-6 weeks to process certifications. The VA will make payment to you directly beginning on or about the first of the month after classes begin.   

The VA prorates payments for partial months of school. As an example; if school begins August 20th the first payment should be for August 20th to August 31st or 11 days of school. The payment for August would be about 1/3 of the full monthly payment amount.