Application Requirements

We welcome you, as a veteran or active duty military, and encourage you to take advantage of the array of knowledgeable support resources we have in place at Grand View University. Once you’re on campus, you’ll find friendly faculty and staff who are committed to assisting our veterans and military personnel in receiving a first-class education.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (515) 263-2810 or (800)-444-6083.

Veteran or Military Student Checklist

  1. Complete a free application for admission.
  2. Submit your transcripts.The VA requires Grand View University to evaluate and report all transfer credit including all colleges attended and all military training completed.
  3. Veterans and current service members can receive college credit for military experience. If you were in the Army, Navy or Marines you can request a Joint Services Transcript (JST). If you were in the Air Force, you can request an official transcript from the Community College of the Air Force. Transcripts should be obtained from the specific military branch and mailed to Office of Admissions, Grand View University, 1200 Grandview Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50316.
  4. Apply for benefits. Determine the right type of education benefit at or through the tuition assistance sites for your military branch(es). On, click on Apply For Benefits and submit the electronic application. Print a copy to share with our Grand View Certifying Officials, Dustin Reis or Megan Mitchell. For tuition assistance programs, make sure to carefully follow their instructions and notify the Grand View Certifying Officials to look for you in the system (GoArmyEd, Al Portal, etc.).
  5. Complete the veterans worksheet. Submit this worksheet online. Provide the Grand View Certifying Officials with a printout of the VA application, a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility letter, or a screen shot of your eBenefits account that shows your education entitlement including delimiting date and eligibility percentage if Post 9/11. Reserve members should submit NOBE and Kicker contract, if applicable. If you have used VA benefits at another institution, complete the Request for Change of Program or Place of Training and provide evidence of its completion to our Grand View Certifying Officials, Dustin Reis or Megan Mitchell.
  6. Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
  7. Apply for scholarships and grants. There are many opportunities for scholarships, grants, loans, and a variety of other financial aid resources to help offset student expenses.

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Grand View Veteran and Military Contacts

Autumn Luce
Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions
515-263-2811 or
Michelle Martin
Director of Student Accounts
515-263-2941 or
515-263-2820 or

Dustin Reis
Loan Coordinator, GV Certifying Official
515-263-2819 or

Kristin Dvorak
515-263-2818 or

Megan Mitchell
Academic Records and Student Employment Coordinator, GV Certifying Official
515-263-6178 or

Rick Eftink
Director of Graduate and Adult Admissions
515-263-2830 or
Megen Johnson
Director of Disability Services
515-263-2986 or
Kent Schornack
Director of Leadership & Counseling
515-263-2986 or
Susie Stearns
Director of the Career Center
515-263-2955 or
Kip Bottenfield
Veterans Club Advisor
515-263-2933 or
Academic Records and Student Employment Coordinator
Kip Bottenfield
Veterans Club Advisor
515-263-2933 or