Enroll in a Payment Plan

Grand View has partnered with Official Payments to offer a secure, convenient and interest-free way to automatically withdraw payments from your banking account or credit card over the course of the semester. You may also choose to initiate the payment. The GV Payment Plan allows students to divide the total amount due from the billing statement over the course of the semester.

Instructions on how to enroll can be downloaded here.


Common Questions

What is a payment plan?
A payment plan is an alternative method of covering the out of pocket balance beyond Financial Aid. There is no interest with a payment plan but rather a one-time set up fee that is listed below when setting up the plan. Payments are due the 5th of each month but you have until the 20th of each month to make the payment before late fees are assessed.
What is the cost to set up a payment plan?

You would pay a $40 non-refundable fee when setting up the plan. 

How do you determine what amount to include in my payment plan?

We suggest to review your statement for the fall semester and use the remaining balance after grants, scholarships and loans are applied.

When in doubt, contact Viking Central for assistance.

When do I need to have this completed?

You need to have this set up by July 4th to take advantage of the full six months. This plan will end in December. Signing up after the 4th would reduce you to five payments in the Fall which increases your monthly payment amount.

Are all charges reflected in this statement?

Not all housing and meals charges are in the system at this time. If you are living on campus but do not see a charge for your room, meals, or resident activity fee on this statement, contact the Student Life Office at (515) 263-2885.  Any changes in course registration after this statement was printed may result in a change in your tuition charges. 

When is my tuition due?

The Friday before the semester begins, unless you are enrolled in a payment plan, have third-party funds pending, or have financial aid secured to pay the balance. Session 2 tuition is due the Friday prior to the first week of that session.

**Remember – if a third party (such as an employer, agency, etc.) requires a bill for payment to be processed, we must have current billing authorization for EACH semester. This form is available in Viking Central or online at www.grandview.edu. **

Any balance remaining due after after the due date will result in a late payment charge of 1.5% of the outstanding balance.

If your account balance is preceded by a negative sign, this is a credit balance and no amount is currently due.

How do I pay my bill?

You may pay your account by cash or money order in person at Viking Central or online by credit card or e-check. Checks may be mailed to: Grand View University, Attn: Viking Central, 1200 Grandview Avenue, Des Moines, IA  50316-1599

A service fee is charged to all credit or debit card transactions.

I thought I had more financial aid coming. How do I find out why it isn't on my account?

First, compare the posted activity with your Financial Aid Award Letter to be sure there is something missing. Then review your other loan documents to see that you have submitted all the necessary documents.  The Pending Financial Aid section may not reflect funds for which documentation is not completed.

If you have reviewed all of the correspondence from the Financial Aid Office and still believe you have additional funds which are not reflected in your statement, you may contact the Financial Aid Office at 515-263-2820.

If my financial aid (including loans) exceeds my charges, when will I be able to have the excess for living expenses?
Financial aid refunds are issued beginning the Wednesday of the second week of school and thereafter are issued weekly within 7 days, but no later than 14 days from the date the credit balance was created. All refunds checks will be mailed immediately upon issue to the student’s primary address, or deposited into a bank account specified by the student. Please ensure that your address is current with Grand View so that your check will arrive promptly.