Graduation & Completion Rates: Student Right-to-Know Act

In compliance with the federal Student Right-to-Know mandates of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, Grand View University is reporting graduation rates for a select group of students who entered the University in the Fall 2017 semester. This report identifies percentages of students who had completed their programs by August 31, 2023.  these rates are disclosed for the entire Fall 2017 cohort and for those receiving athletically-related student aid.  The group, as specified by law, includes only students who were enrolled in credit classes full time, entered college for the first time in the Fall 2017 semester and were seeking a degree or certificate.


Graduation Rate - The graduation rate is based on 6 years of attendance that equates to 150% of our longest program.

Athletically-related student aid - Any scholarship, grant or form of financial assistance, the terms of which require the recipient to participate in a program of intercollegiate athletics.


If you would like a hardcopy of Grand View’s Student Right to Know information please contact the Office of Enrollment Management by emailing Deb Barger at