Transferring From Des Moines Area Community College 

Grand View University welcomes Des Moines Area Community College students! We look forward to having you join the Grand View campus community. In order to make your transition from DMACC to Grand View University as seamless as possible, we have arranged multiple agreements between the institutions. 

Transfer Resource Initiative (TRI)

Transfer Resource Initiative is a collaboration between DMACC and Grand View to offer students who plan to transfer the benefits of being a Grand View student while taking classes at DMACC. 



How Do You Participate?

  1. Apply to DMACC.
  2. Upon acceptance to DMACC, schedule an appointment with a DMACC academic advisor to obtain your TRI application. A list of academic advisors and information on scheduling an appointment can be found online.
  3. Return your completed TRI application to the DMACC Admissions Office – Ankeny Campus – and they will forward it to your Grand View admissions counselor.
  4. Request all college transcripts to be sent to Grand View, plus your high school transcripts if you have less than 60 college credits completed at the time of applying. If you have less than 24 college credits completed at the time of applying, submit both your high school transcripts and ACT or Compass test scores.
  5. Walk through the TRI Program with your Grand View admissions counselor.

Upon acceptance a completion coach at Grand View will advise you via email and provide you with suggested DMACC courses to take before you begin your courses at Grand View.

DMACC will automatically send Grand View your updated transcripts after each completed semester at DMACC and your GV admissions counselor will review them to make sure you have still met our admissions requirements.


  • You’ll be co-advised throughout your time at DMACC. This way, you’ll have a DMACC advisor keeping you on track while you’re there and a Grand View advisor making sure all of your DMACC classes are transfer-friendly.
  • Experience the Grand View community while attending DMACC, making your transition easier.
  • Attend any Grand View activities free, including sporting events and all other on-campus entertainment.
  • Get a bus pass for the Link shuttle throughout Des Moines year round.

DMACC Pathways

Grand View’s DMACC pathways streamline the transfer process and ensure you are maximizing the number of credits that will transfer directly into the following academic programs. These academic plans will help you plan the courses you take at DMACC so you can efficiently transfer to Grand View and complete your bachelor’s degree.

Transferring from DMACC Honors Program

Grand View University is happy to announce our Honors Memorandum of Understanding with Des Moines Area Community College. Through this agreement we have been able to establish the following guidelines to assist the transition from DMACC's Honors Program to our GV Honors Program. Grand View University commits to accepting DMACC Honors graduates with the following articulations:

  1. A student who graduates from the DMACC Honors Program may transfer to Grand View University as a member of Grand View University's Honor s Program as long as the other University transfer requirements are satisfied.
  2. Notification of a student's intent to join Grand View University's Honors Program should be provided by the student in the semester prior to admission at Grand View University.
  3. Students completing HON 100 and Hon 200 at DMACC will have met LIBA200H at Grand View University.
  4. Students completing HON 200 and HON 200 at DMACC will have met LIBA160H at Grand View University.

Student's remaining hours at Grand View University to Graduate with Honors are as follows:

Remaining Honors Course Requirements

 Honors Course Credit Hours 
LIBA300H Core Seminar II (Honors II: Society and Global Citizenship) 4 Credits
LIBA400H Honors III: The Human Condition 4 Credits
LIBA460H or 461H Honors Thesis 1 or 3 Credits
LIBA 360H Honors Activity 1 or 2 Credits

  To learn more about this program and what past students have to say, feel free to check out our Honors Program page.