Alumni Leaders

We are proud of the many community leaders that have graduated from Grand View and want to celebrate and encourage all of you to become a Grand View leader. For more information about NAC or YAC or how to be a part of these alumni leadership opportunities, contact us at alumni @ or (515) 263-2975.

National Alumni Council

Grand View University’s National Alumni Council (NAC) enables the University in furthering its mission to:

  • Facilitate communication and community building about alumni, students and the University’s faculty and staff.
  • Promote the University and enhance its image and reputation locally, regionally, and nationally.
  • Strengthen relationships among alumni, students, the community, and the Church.
  • Develop and support programs to meet the needs and interests of alumni and students, while embracing the priorities of the University.
  • Encourage alumni and friends to support the University through ongoing participation in campus activities, volunteerism, and financial contributions.
NAC Members
  • Jessica Carlson '12
  • Gabby Fisher '10
  • Brenda Gill BA '05 MS '14
  • Kristen Gray '94
  • Rohan Greaves '10
  • Aly Greim '13
  • Hallie Havard '11
  • AJ Krist '12
  • Steven Neville '07
  • Stephanie Paiva '14
  • Keelia Paulsen '07
  • Holly Poort '09
  • Michelle Prange '92
  • Rachel Ricke '16
  • Bridget Robinson '08
  • Austin Strawhacker '11
  • Jeff Vaske '07
  • Val Veiock BS '15 MS '17
  • Chad Wagener '86
  • Alex Wendell '16
  • Casee Woodley '03

Young Alumni Council

The Young Alumni Council (YAC) members are advocates that will work to keep alumni from the last 10 years connected to the Grand View community and find ways to serve this population. We foster a culture of continued engagement, the Young Alumni Council creates opportunities for alumni to strengthen the greater Grand View community.

YAC Committees

The YAC focuses on 3 different areas. Members work in these areas to serve the young alumni of the Grand View community.

  • Student interaction – Provide opportunities for alumni to engage with students by mentoring, sharing their experiences and networking with current students.
  • Volunteering – The YAC works to promote and provide opportunities for young alumni to volunteer on campus and in the greater Des Moines Community. Alumni 10 years or less from graduation are invited to volunteer on the YAC.
  • Building the community – Members of the YAC work together to share opportunities and provide spaces for young alumni to connect across the country.
YAC Members

Check back soon for a more detailed list of YAC members!

  • Angela Lose '18 - YAC Chair

If you're interested in being a part of the Young Alumni Council, contact alumni @ or (515) 263-2957.