Nexus Adult Visitor Form

Should you choose, each church is allowed up to one adult to accompany their youth. 

WHAT WILL MY PARTICIPATION LOOK LIKE? We desire that the youth will have the space and encouragement to lean into the NEXUS community while they are here, knowing they will see you intermittently throughout the week. We invite adult visitors to attend daily morning and evening worship, as well as meal times as an opportunity to check in with the youth and connect with the NEXUS leaders and other adult visitors. Any further participation should be discussed with the NEXUS director, Kate Faas, prior to the Institute.

COSTS? Adult visitors' meals will be covered during NEXUS. Transportation costs, lodging, and activities during the week, are NOT covered for adult visitors.

We are thankful for your willingness to take a week away from the comforts of home to provide your youth with this amazing opportunity! We encourage you to take time during NEXUS as a mini-work trip, a sabbatical, or whatever is helpful to you during this time. Des Moines is a lively city with many things to see and do, and we encourage you to explore.