Career Planning Guide

Completing a successful collegiate experience and managing a lifetime of career challenges doesn't just happen.

Here is a list of suggestions to consider as you make academic and career plans during your time at Grand View.

First Year
  • Focus on academic and career planning. 
  • Consider college as preparation for life. College is much more than vocational training. Get the most out of your college years intellectually, socially, and vocationally.
  • Get to know your academic advisor. 
  • Visit the Career Center and take the Kuder Journey assessment to help you identify and explore possible career paths based on your career interests, skills, and values.
  • Review What Can I Do With This Major to explore major and career path options.
  • Get involved in campus organizations and activities.
Sophomore Year
  • Explore seasonal or part-time jobs and get involved with organizations and volunteer activities related to your career plans.
  • Participate in Grand View's Student Leadership program. Campus involvement, especially a leadership position, is a building block for testing your career goals, gaining experience and constructing an outstanding resume.
  • Obtain occupational information by using Career Center resources and attending a career day event.
  • Consider coursework that further develops your computer, communication, teamwork, and interpersonal skills...a few of the basic competencies important to employers.
Junior Year
  • Prepare for graduation. 
  • Plan for an internship with your advisor. Attend a career day and learn about internship opportunities.
  • Begin drafting your resume and cover letters. Be ready to begin your job search as soon as your senior year starts.
  • Teachers: Start your credential file before student teaching.
  • Check with your academic advisor to be certain you will meet all graduation requirements and file a petition for graduation (PDF).
Senior Year
  • Get registered with the Career Center for employer interviews and participate in our employer interview day events or complete graduate school application process during the fall semester.
  • Visit with employers about opportunities at a career day.
  • Identify and research employers in the Career Center and on job search sites.
  • Network with others and use as many resources as possible in your job search, including the Career Center, faculty, friends, alumni, employer websites, and job search sites.

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Susie Stearns
Susie Stearns
Director of the Career Center

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Sara Anderson
Assistant Director of the Career Center