Student Counseling Center

Here you'll find what you need to know about the Student Counseling Center and the services we offer the Grand View University community. We provide individual counseling, group counseling, academic counseling, crisis intervention, and a variety of other services.

We provide a confidential and supportive environment to discuss personal issues, and work towards making positive changes to one’s thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and relationships. Common concerns include anxiety and depression, relationship difficulties with friends or roommates, eating disorders, lack of motivation, childhood and family concerns, substance abuse, sexual identity, sexual assault and abuse recovery, and personal growth.

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, contact one of our counselors:

Kent Schornack, L.I.S.W., M.A.
Director, Counseling Services
Student Center 133
(515) 263-2986
kschornack @


Kenlyn Gordon, LMHC, M.S.
Assistant Director, Counseling Services
Student Center 132
(515) 263-2881
kgordon @


Meegan Murray, BS, CADC
Graduate Counseling Intern
Student Center
(515) 263-6061
mmurray @


Confidentiality and Privacy: Federal and state laws along with professional ethical standards prohibit disclosure of any information you provide unless you provide written consent. Thus, if a Grand View University official, parent, or anyone else should inquire about you receiving counseling services this information could not be disclosed without your written permission. That said, there are certain situations where your information may be released without your permission. These situations are primarily related to concerns of imminent danger or court ordered disclosure. Your rights of privacy and the confidentiality exceptions are outlined in greater detail in the Notice of Privacy document.