Study Tour Options

Grand View study tours are spring semester courses that include a faculty-led short-term travel tour. Students take Grand View courses for Grand View credit, while experiencing new and exciting places with other Grand View students. Enroll in courses in the spring semester, attend class on-campus, and complete your course by travelling domestically or internationally either during Spring Break or in May.

The program locations and courses offered vary yearly. Study tours provide great opportunities to travel and learn with Grand View faculty as well as gain real world experience in the field of your academic interests. Plan now to take a trip that will advance you toward your degree, open your eyes to new parts of the world, and give you an edge in the job search! 

Costa Rica

Led by  Jennifer Donnelly and Dr. Kaitlin Goodale

Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse areas in the world!  Students will visit a variety of tropical ecosystems, assist in a rainforest recovery project, and help collect research data for scientific studies being conducted in Costa Rica.  Emphasis will be on the exploration and understanding of rainforest ecology and assisting researchers currently investigating rainforest restoration and carbon sequestration by rainforest trees.  Gorgeous scenery and viewing of a huge variety of plants and animals are guaranteed! 

Tentative dates: May 13 - June 30, June 13-21 in Costa Rica

Tentative cost: $3,000.