Study Tour Options

Grand View study tours are spring semester courses that include a faculty-led short-term travel tour. Students take Grand View courses for Grand View credit, while experiencing new and exciting places with other Grand View students. Enroll in courses in the spring semester, attend class on-campus, and complete your course by travelling domestically or internationally either during Spring Break or in May.

The program locations and courses offered vary yearly. Study tours provide great opportunities to travel and learn with Grand View faculty as well as gain real world experience in the field of your academic interests. Plan now to take a trip that will advance you toward your degree, open your eyes to new parts of the world, and give you an edge in the job search!

2025 Trips:

Aventuras in Costa Rica

Come on an adventure to Costa Rica! Students will compare and contrast life in Costa Rica to that of the U.S. and gain an understanding of tourism and the natural resources that sustain Costa Rica’s picturesque ecosystem. Students will have the opportunity to explore the rainforest flora and fauna while being immersed in the Spanish language and culture. Students will learn about the economics of coffee farming, educational system and every day life in Costa Rica while tasting a medley of new fruits and flavors.

Tentative Dates: May 6 - May 15, 2025

Estimated Cost: $4,600

Leaders: Amy Schumann and Coralie Turner

Denmark and Sweden: How a Nation Cares for Its People

Join us for a study tour to learn how Danes and Swedes address care for their people during vulnerable times of their lives and use that knowledge to develop ideas on how to influence stateside programs and practices. Students will examine their own bias and privilege, and develop an appreciation and understanding of self, career, and vocation. Through understanding the culture of the people of Denmark and Sweden, students will be better able to advocate for just societies here and abroad.

Tentative Dates: June 10-24, 2025

Estimated Cost: $5,025

Leaders: Cathy Beck-Cross and Megan Thibodeau

Oregon Adventure

Adventure to various worlds through the exceptional theatrical productions and arts community in beautiful Ashland Oregon! We will experience at least six incredible theatrical productions at the Tony Award winning Oregon Shakespeare Festival, explore art galleries and participate in workshops with seasoned theatrical artists.  We will also adventure into nature as we whitewater raft down the Rogue River, and hike/or bike ride in the mountains of Southern Oregon. 

Tentative Dates: May 29 - June 8, 2025

Estimated Cost: $2,655 (+estimated $460 for incidentals + meals)

Leaders: Kristin Larson and Rachel Schwaller

Then and Now: Understanding South Korea through Culture

Explore, learn, and experience Korea through K-Culture (K-Food, K-Pop, K-Dramas, K-Beauty, etc.). You will be able to expand global perspectives, appreciate diverse cultures while exploring how Korea effectively communicates with the world through its contemporary and popular culture. This exploration will illuminate ways in which Korean traditions continue to shape and resonate in present-day cultural expressions.

Tentative Dates: May 17-27, 2025

Estimated Cost: $3,800

Leaders: Erin Kim-Cho and Rebecca Muntz

UK Sport & Health

This European Sport &Health study tour in June 2025 will provide unforgettable experiences in the United Kingdom, taking students inside the European Model of club sport in England, Wales, and Scotland.The site visits, lectures, and learning experiences will provide students a deeper connection to a global understanding of kinesiology and sport business management. Students will be able to immerse themselves in local European cultures and experience significant sport and cultural settings, with tours and site visits to many professional sporting clubs including Chelsea FC and Manchester United, the London Olympic Stadium, Wimbledon, and much more.

Tentative Dates: June 2 - June 16, 2025

Estimated Cost: $5,996

Leaders: Liz Rullestad McAllister, Scott Bull, and Pat Pettit