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Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

Grand View’s online Master of Science in Organizational Leadership degree prepares strong leaders for successful careers. You’ll be equipped to contribute innovative strategies and new perspectives to your organization. This program is the best option for students looking to develop skills they can put to work immediately in a variety of organizational settings.

Why Grand View?

  • Complete this degree while you keep your current job 
  • Online courses structured for working professionals
  • Only 30 credits (21 month completion for most students)
  • Suitable for leaders in business, nonprofits, military and government, as well as entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Courses start every eight weeks - jump in when it's convenient for you

Program Feature: Mentoring/Coaching Course and 3-Day Residential Intensive Option

  • You will be matched with a professional mentor-coach to help guide you on your personal leadership journey as well as help train you to coach/mentor others.
  • Four mentor/coaching sessions within the course with the option to continue coaching sessions after the course is over.
  • Take the course online and opt in for a 3-day residency at Grand View's campus or fully online with virtual appointments with your mentor/coach.
Admission and Application Requirements

Admission Requirements

  • A baccalaureate degree earned from a regionally accredited institution, evidenced by a transcript.
  • Validated minimum undergraduate grade-point average of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale (students below 2.75 will be considered for provisional acceptance)
  • One year of full-time employment or approval of the Graduate Committee
  • Complete the application for admission

Submit the following:

  • Include a statement of purpose with application that addresses:
  1. The student’s interest in the program, including the identification of short-term and long-term career goals
  2. The skills and experiences the student will contribute to the program
  3. Expectations the student has of the program
  • A professional resume
  • Provide two references (academic or professional) who will complete an online recommendation form
  • Transcript from institution where bachelor's degree was earned
Course Requirements

Requirements (30 credits)

BSGR 502 Theory and Practice of Leadership 3 credits
This course provides an introduction to historical and emergent research perspectives on leadership. Students will compare and contrast various leadership theories and models and identify their strengths and weaknesses for potential application in organizational settings. An integral component of this course is students' personal reflections about their leadership abilities and style and completion of various leadership assessments.
BSGR 510 Evidence-Based Practice 3 credits
This course focuses on the analysis of evidence (both quantitative and qualitative data) for application to the students’ professional practice setting. This course will provide a foundation for students to explore the strengths and limitations of various research designs and develop critical skills essential to the interpretation and application of evidence (data). Students will learn how to identify and evaluate the credibility of data and how to use data from multiple sources to make informed decisions.
BSGR 513 Leadership Communication 3 credits
This course will enhance students’ written and oral communication skills as well as the ability to effectively inform, influence, and/or inspire both internal and external stakeholders. Students will explore and expand upon their own communication processes and increase their ability to plan and adapt their communication to meet the needs of different audiences. A central focus will be on developing and practicing skills and techniques to gain commitment and influence action through written communication, persuasive presentations, negotiation, coaching conversations, and more.
BSGR 521 Innovation and Change 3 credits
This course will focus on innovation, change, and interrelated systems and functions within the organization. The student will gain an understanding of how the impact of innovation and change in one system has on other systems within the organization. The course will provide students with the opportunity to develop organizational processes and environments that foster creativity and innovation. The student will gain various skill sets to help generate overall organizational effectiveness in regards to innovation and change.
BSGR 550 Ethics, Employee Engagement, and Organizational Culture 3 credits
This course examines contemporary approaches to ethical employee engagement and organizational culture. Students will learn how to analyze the culture of an organization and apply the most effective employee engagement and motivational practices based on this analysis. The course will also focus on the need to develop and apply cultural and ethical awareness when motivating employees.
BSGR 555 Financial Management 3 credits
This course examines the role of financial resource management as a tool to organizational success. Focus will be on budgeting, short-term and long-term planning, financial resources, allocation of resources, as well as general understanding of the role of financial statements in decision making. Students will use financial tools to plan and evaluate decisions through case analyses as well as hands-on projects.
BSGR 560 Leading Effective Teams 3 credits
This course will focus on developing the conceptual base and skill sets that are used in building effective work teams. There will be particular focus on developing an understanding of the challenges and opportunities encountered in building impactful culturally diverse teams. Students will learn how to build and lead a team, facilitate team performance, and manage team conflict and decision making.
BSGR 574 Mentoring, Coaching, and Leadership Development 3 credits
This course will examine the role of mentoring and coaching in leadership development. Each student will complete a leadership assessment instrument to identify strengths and weaknesses in core and adaptive leadership skills. The student will Identify desired areas of growth, collaborate with a mentor/coach, and develop skill sets for personal leadership development and for developing leadership in others.
BSGR 580 Strategic Thinking, Global Awareness, and Social Responsibility 3 credits
This course will examine aspects of strategic leadership from the strategic management and corporate social responsibility perspectives. Emphasis will be placed on the role and skills of strategic leaders in the development and implementation of strategies in the local, national, and global environments. Students will explore various aspects of strategic decision making focusing on organizational performance, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability.
BSGR 595 Leadership Capstone Seminar 3 credits
This course is designed to synthesize students learning in the program by examination of their leadership philosophy and professional development achieved in the program. Students will develop a leadership portfolio that will compile and document students' leadership competencies and understanding of the leadership principles covered in the program.

Additional Coaching Sessions (Optional)

BSGR 578 Mentoring and Coaching 2.0 0 credits

After completion of BSGR 574: Mentoring, Coaching and Leadership Development, students have the option to continue the one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions through the remainder of the mentoring program. This will include up to 12 one-on-one professional coaching sessions with journal reflection entries, and a final reflection at the end of the mentoring program. Please contact your advisor for more details.

Requisites: Take BSGR-574 - Must be completed prior to taking this course.

Options: 6 sessions or 12 sessions

MSOL Course Rotation

Fall Session 1

BSGR 502 Theory & Practice of Leadership
BSGR 550 Ethics, Employee Engagement, & Organizational Culture
BSGR 555A Financial Management
BSGR 555B Financial Management

Fall Session 2

BSGR 513 Leadership Communication
BSGR 560 Leading Effective Teams
BSGR 574OL Mentoring, Coaching, & Leadership Development
BSGR 574BL Mentoring, Coaching, & Leadership Development (includes 3 day residency)
BSGR 595 Leadership Capstone Seminar

Spring Session 3

BSGR 502 Theory & Practice of Leadership
BSGR 510 Evidence Based Practice
BSGR 550 Ethics, Employee Engagement, & Organizational Culture
BSGR 580 Strategic Thinking, Global Awareness, & Social Responsibilty

Spring Session 4

BSGR 513 Leadership Communication
BSGR 521 Innovation and Change
BSGR 595 Mentoring, Coaching, & Leadership Development
BSGR 550 Ethics, Employee Engagement, & Organizational Culture

Summer Session 5

BSGR 502 Theory & Practice of Leadership
BSGR 510 Evidence Based Practice
BSGR 560 Leading Effective Teams
BSGR 574OL Mentoring, Coaching, & Leadership Development

Summer Session 6

BSGR 521 Innovation & Change
BSGR 580 Strategic Thinking, Global Awareness, & Social Responsibility
BSGR 595 Leadership Capstone Seminar
Mentoring Course & Residential Intensive

In addition to learning about leadership in your classes, Grand View’s Mentoring Course pairs you with a professional business leader/life coach who will work with you personally on developing your leadership skills. The course includes seven weeks of online work, plus a three-day residency intensive at Grand View's campus. You can also opt for an online version to include virtual appointments with life coach.

This three-day intensive will cover leadership theory, leadership skill development, and the creation of your personal leadership plan. You will identify desired areas of growth, collaborate with a mentor/coach and develop skill sets for personal leadership development and for developing leadership in others.

The three-day intensive also includes:

  • Dinner with MSOL faculty, coaches, and other students in the program 
  • Four individual coaching sessions with a professional leadership coach (in-person and virtual options available)
  • Real perspective and examples from coaches and instructors (virtual if you opt for the online course)
  • Network with the faculty and your fellow classmates (virtual if you opt for the online course) 

Leadership Coaches

Chad BorgestadChad Borgestad is a Principled Leadership Coach, CPCC, and has 24 years of experience across the country developing leaders and training individuals to reach their full potential. He has overseen the startup of three non-profits, raising over $3 million. Chad has served as a Campus Minister at the Largest ELCA church in America. Chad’s greatest joy is in serving others, helping others win and creating healthy leadership structures.

Chad is a 1995 graduate of the University of Minnesota, earning a bachelor of science degree in sociology. He is currently working towards becoming a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC).

Chad lives in Des Moines, Iowa, with his wife of 24 years, Misti. They have three sons. In his spare time, you will often find him working out at the YMCA, running, biking, or reading a good book.



Mark HicksMark Hicks earned his bachelor’s degree from Loras College. He has more than 30 years of experience building and leading high performing teams in a broad variety of business disciplines in the private label credit card industry.

Throughout his career, Mark has developed future leaders through individual strength-based coaching and team development via coaching clinics, mentoring programs and a variety of skill development programs. He also has experience leading teams in credit risk management, statistical scorecard development and implementation, sales relationship management, compliance and operational risk management, quality control testing, operational control development and governance, project management, data analytics, business operations technology support, and technology user acceptance testing.

Born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, Mark has been married for 40 years with four adult children and three grandchildren.



Erin LegoErin Lego's greatest passion is coming alongside leaders to help them find their right fit and lead with confidence. Erin has spent nine years working with a non-profit developing college leaders and staff by growing their leadership skills on campuses in Wisconsin and Minnesota. She has now brought her coaching skills to Iowa.

In her current role with the Corporate Learning team at ITA Group, she has been able to successfully pilot and launch a coaching program at the leadership level within the organization. She is working to create a coaching culture as they work to grow their coaching skills. 

Erin has completed a coaching certification with LeaderBreak Thru, Essential and Associate Certification with the Center for Coaching Excellence and will be applying for certification with the International Coach Federation (ACC) in 2019.

Erin is newly married to Dave, and become a stepmom to three great kids. In her free time, Erin enjoys catching up with friends and reading books.


Paul LeavenworthPaul Leavenworth is the president of The Convergence group, which help facilitate leadership growth and effectiveness for high capacity, highly motivated leaders who want to finish well and leave a lasting legacy.

Paul earned his bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University, a master’s degree in theology from Fuller Theological Seminary, and a doctorate in counseling from the College of William and Mary in Virginia. He is also a certified Life Coach with CoachNet and Leader Break/thru. He currently serves as an adjunct instructor in philosophy and religion at DMACC. He has self-published several books and discovery learning workbooks on spiritual formation, discipleship and leadership development. 

Paul currently lives in West Des Moines, IA with his wife Leslie, an artist and retired nurse, and they have three adult children and two grandchildren.

Dr. Alec Zama

Dr. Alec Zama

"Alec Zama has always pushed me to do my best. When needing help, he always goes out of his way to find the resources to help me. Every time I receive an accomplishment, he ensures to recognize it by sending a quick "congratulations" email. He is one of my go-to persons.” - Magda Almendarez

Which Path Is Right for You?

When considering a graduate program in business, you have several options that may fit your career goals and personal aspirations. The information below will help you compare GV's Organizational Leader to choices in advanced business education available at other institutions.

 MS in Organizational Leadership
  • Offered at Grand View University.
  • TheMSOL prepares graduates for mid-level managerial roles or organizational leader roles in private as well as public organizations.
  • Program of study emphasizes leadership, decision-making, evidence-based management, practice of managing and changing people and organizations, and promoting positive growth in the context of dynamic organizations. Curriculum blends theory and application via casework, professional articles and team projects.
  •  Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
    • Not offered at Grand View, but many other universities have the program available.
    • The MBA prepares graduates for mid-level managerial roles within a private organization.
    • Program of study includes significant quantitative components, including economics and finance, as well as exposure to multiple functions within business. Frequently case driven, MBA programs blend the various functions of business through discussion and decision-making simulations.
     Masters in Public Administration(MPA)
    •  Not offered at Grand View, but some other universities include it in their graduate course options.
    • The MPA prepares graduates for mid-level managerial roles within public and non-profit organizations.
    • Program of study includes management and operations within the context of governmental or nonprofit organizations. Greater emphasis on diversity, ethics, policy making and influencing societal goals.



    Oscar Aguilar
    Dr. Oscar Aguilar

    Assistant Professor of Analytics

    Susan Andersen

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    Dr. Ryan Anderson
    Dr. Ryan Anderson

    Professor of Business Administration

    Tom Annis
    Thomas Annis

    Lecturer of Finance

    Hamid Awan

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    Dr. Kip Bottenfield
    Dr. Kip Bottenfield

    Professor of Business Admin

    Scott Bull
    Dr. Scott Bull

    Associate Professor of Business Admin

    Edward Bull

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    Benjamin Canham

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    Dr. Terri Deems

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    Laura Eaton
    Laura Eaton

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    Sarah Engquist

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    Brenda Gill

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    Dr. David Hannum

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    James Henscheid


    Mark Hicks


    Shelley Hill

    Administrative Assistant

    Sandra Jennings-Hammond

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    Kayleigh Jones

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    Dr. Shannon Juergens
    Dr. Shannon Juergens

    Assoc Prof of Bus Admin & Dept Chair

    Dashle Kelley

    Assistant Professor of Finance

    Laura Kinnard

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    Jeffrey Knight


    Paul Leavenworth
    Paul Leavenworth

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    Bonnie Leonhardt


    Jacob Lovell

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    Randy Mead

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    Mike Miller

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    Doug Mitchell

    Instructor of Analytics

    Roger Nowadzky
    Roger Nowadzky

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    John Peterson

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    Renee Pile

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    Mark Slavich
    Dr. Mark Slavich

    Associate Professor of Sport Management

    Bradley Smerage

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    Levi Stacey

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    Mark Szymula

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    Ronald Tekippe

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    Thomas Turner

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    Mark Weatherly

    Lecturer of Business Administration

    Dmitry Yarushkin
    Dmitry Yarushkin

    Prof of Prac of Bus Admin, Level III

    Dr. Alec Zama
    Dr. Alec Zama

    Professor of Business Admin/Econ

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