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Game Design Major

Game design is so much more than gaming. It's a blend of art, technology and communication that has become one of the nation's most popular college majors. This exciting field will take you to the forefront of digital design. Our new program, the only bachelor's degree of its kind in Iowa, combines the cognitive and research skills of careful logistical thinking with an abundance of creativity. It strongly prioritizes clear communication with effective research, writing, and design skills and will prepare students for the rigors of working in the game design industry and beyond. 

Students who major in Game Design will be able to:

1. Understand fundamental elements of design, play, and narrative
2. Demonstrate logistical thinking
3. Design and implement representational systems of data and/or information
4. Render and disseminate information in procedural and ludic representations


  • Strongly prioritizes clear communication with effective research, writing and design skills
  • Prepares students for the rigors of working in the game design industry
  • Grand View's location in Des Moines offers a plethora of internship and career opportunities
  • Small classes mean lots of individual instruction to help you develop your skills and knowledge
Career Options

You'll enjoy our new major so much you may not want to leave us, but when you do, you'll be ready to start work as a:

  • Game Designer
  • App Designer
  • User Experience Designer
  • Writer
  • Web Designer
  • Interactive Media Designer
  • Storyteller
  • Producer
  • Animator
  • 3-D Illustrator
  • Researcher
Course Requirements
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Student Testimonials

Rachel SchwallerRachel Schwaller

“Rachel has been an exceptional professor and mentor during my 4 years at Grand View. She influences me to take risks and has helped me process and talk about what I want to say as an artist. In the fall, Rachel offered her time to personally meet with me on several occasions to talk through ideas and to help me prepare for graduate school. I appreciate and value the honest feedback and helpful advice she provides. I look up to her not only because of all the hard work and energy she puts into her practice as an artist but the passion she brings when she is teaching. I want to thank her for believing in me, helping me through my failures, and for always listening.” - McKenna Quandt

Aaron TinderAaron Tinder

“Aaron has been a huge motivator, supporter, and mentor in the months that I have been at Grand View. I'm not sure that I would have found my career path if it weren't for Aaron. I knew I wanted to be a teacher, but I wasn't completely sure. He described the way I fit perfectly into the role of a high school art teacher. He mentioned how he sees my abilities in my interaction with my classmates. His support and direction solidified my idea and made me excited to graduate and to get out into the workforce. He supports every good idea, adjusts and guides when necessary, and provides all the tools that I need to succeed. I greatly appreciate his open mind, his dedication to myself and my peers, and his ability to see creativity everywhere.” - Chloe Vogel

Dr. Cyndi WileyDr. Cyndi Wiley

“Cyndi has always gone above and beyond for not only me, but many other art students as well. She is always there to help with not only advising, but with our art work and is always there for us. She makes students feel welcome and is always encouraging. To sum it up she is the bomb.com!” - Taylor Eckstrom

GV Is Making History

Grand View offered its first-ever eSports camp in 2017. 

Beyond the Spectrum

Other than digital games, there are numerous career possibilities for game design in nondigital environments. Iowa companies hiring Game Designers include software publishers, mobile phone service providers, web design firms, app design firms, colleges and universities, graphic design firms, animation studios, and an abundance of non-profit organizations.

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