Parking Fee Waiver Request

I request the parking fee for the following be removed from my tuition bill:

  • Full Academic Year  (August 1-July 31) must be turned in to Student Life by October 1st of the fall semester to be honored for the entire academic year.
    Requests submitted after October 1st but before February 1st will be honored for the following spring and summer semesters only.
  • Fall Semester (August 1 - December 31) must be turned in to Student Life by October 1st.
  • Spring Semester (January 1 - July 31) must be turned in by February 1st.

I certify that I will not be driving/parking a vehicle on Grand View University campus at any time during the academic year. 

I understand that should I drive and/or park a vehicle on campus at any time during the academic year, I must obtain a parking decal from the Campus Services office in the Student Center and pay the appropriate parking fee to the Business Office in the Humphrey Center.

I understand that if I have been granted a parking fee waiver and am found to be driving/parking a vehicle on campus during the requested dates, I will be fined for improperly driving/parking and a full parking fee will be applied to my account.  I will be responsible for payment of any and all related parking fines.

I also understand that I may be subject to disciplinary action and fined for any fraudulent misrepresentation concerning the university's parking fee regulations or campus regulations.