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Kinesiology & Health Promotion Major

If you’re passionate about wellness and fitness, a kinesiology degree provides the theory and practice to prepare you for professional work in schools, private agencies, clinical environments, government or business. Selecting a concentration in either kinesiology or health promotion, you'll have the opportunity to influence the physical activity, health, lifestyle and productivity of individuals, communities and organizations.

Watch the video below as Johnny Herrera talks about how Grand View's Kinesiology program set him up for success when competing against students around the country for spots at some of the most coveted medical schools.

Why Grand View?

  • Opportunities to improve the health and wellness of individuals and organizations.
  • Hands-on learning in new state-of-the-art labs.
  • Supervised internships in a variety of settings.
  • Focus on effective behavior change theory and application.
Choose Your Path

Whether it's custom classes, an emphasis, or an option, this degree offers you an even more enhanced and customizable experience in the following areas:

Kinesiology Concentration
The kinesiology concentration focuses on enhancing the health of individuals through understanding the role of movement. This field is changing quickly in response to our aging population, increased cost of health care and the important role lifestyle factors play in one's health. With a strong foundation in the natural and social sciences, you will gain knowledge and skills needed to provide scientifically grounded, community-focused, and ethically principled expertise to a diverse clientele, from children to older adults.

Health Promotion Concentration
The health promotion concentration focuses on promoting the health of individuals, communities, organizations and worksites to bring about cultural change. You may also want to consider our Pre-Physical Therapy preparation that aligns your curriculum so you will be ready for graduate studies.

Career Options

The kinesiology program at Grand View will prepare you for a wide variety of careers. Your future awaits as a:

  • Wellness Program Director
  • Corporate Wellness Coordinator
  • Exercise Specialist
  • Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Health Promotion Planner
  • Personal Trainer
  • Wellness Coach

The kinesiology program is a great route to Grand View's Master of Science in Athletic Training program.

What Can I Do With This Major?

Course Requirements

Prerequisites (15 credits)

These courses will not be counted in computing the GPA for the major.

BIOL 101 General Biology I 4 credits
PSYC 101 General Psychology 3 credits
BIOL 160 Human Anatomy 4 credits
BIOL 165 Human Physiology 4 credits
 - CPR Documentation -

Requirements (47 credits)

The major consists of a Kinesiology and Health Promotion curriculum core (20 credits) plus the selection of an emphasis in Health Promotion or Exercise Science (27 credits each). Students may select both concentrations if they wish to complete additional studies.

Kinesiology and Health Promotion Core (20 credits)

KINH 155 Careers in Kinesiology and Health Promotion 1 credit
KINH 205 Lifetime Fitness and Wellness 3 credits
KINH 188 Personal and Consumer Health 3 credits
KINH 247 Leadership Skills for Conditioning / Strength Training Instruction 1 credit
BIOL 140
Nutrition for Everyday Living
3 credits
KINH 399 Internship 3 credits
KINH 440 Kinesiology and Health Promotion Practicum 3 credits
KINH 450 Senior Seminar 3 credits

Health Promotion Concentration (27 credits)

LIBL 200 or
BSAD 145

Computer and Information Literacy or
Fundamentals of Information Systems

3 credits
KINH 276 Principles and Foundations of Health Promotion 3 credits
BSAD 315 Marketing 3 credits
ENGL 309 Writing for Business 3 credits
KINH 345 Worksite Health Promotion 3 credits
KINH 410 Program Planning and Evaluation 3 credits

9 Additional Credits

Health Promotion Electives

PSYC 373 Stress and Anxiety Management 2 credits
COMM 355 Public Relations Principles 3 credits
BSAD 375 Human Resource Management 3 credits
PSYC 212 Human Development 4 credits
BSAD / SOCS 410 Organizational Behavior 3 credits
PSYC 363 Psychology and Health 3 credits

Kinesiology Electives

KINH 281 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries 3 credits
KINH 371 Kinesiology 3 credits
KINH 391 Exercise Physiology 3 credits
KINH 447 Exercise Testing and Prescription 3 credits

Kinesiology Concentration (27 credits)

KINH 281 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries 3 credits
KINH 351 Exercise Psychology 3 credtis
KINH 361 Motor Control and Learning 3 credits
KINH 371 Kinesiology 3 credits
KINH 376 Biomechanics 3 credits
KINH 391 Exercise Physiology 3 credits
KINH 421 Advanced Strength and Conditioning 3 credits
KINH 447 Exercise Testing and Prescription 3 credits

Choose 3 Additional Credits

LIBL 200

Computer and Information Literacy

3 credits
STAT 241 Principles of Statistics 4 credits
KINH 276 Principles and Foundations of Health Promotion 3 credits
KINH 345 Worksite Health Promotion 3 credits
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Athletic Training 3 + 2

Looking for fast-track toward becoming an athletic trainer? How does completion in five years at Grand View University sound?

Explore our Athletic Training 3 + 2 Program

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Awards and Accomplishments

Zeb Sullivan • "Finney: The battle to keep athletes healthy" was a special feature in The Des Moines Register about Zeb Sullivan and the Kinesiology department at Grand View.

Alumna Shares Her Story

"I followed my interest in wellness to an internship with Meredith Corporation, where I got to see what it’s like to run a wellness program for 500+ employees. The internship, coupled with my classroom experiences, led me to graduate school at the University of Utah and a graduate assistantship with PEAK Health and Fitness."

--Melanie Ellis '15, B.A. in Health Promotion with concentrations in fitness and wellness management

What You Can Expect

In the Kinesiology and Health Promotion program, we repeatedly expose you to career opportunities. The major was designed to provide you with the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for success in your future endeavors. You will gain real-world, hands-on, experiential learning during your culminating internship experience.

This field is changing quickly in response to the aging population, increased cost of health care, and the understanding of the important role lifestyle factors play in one’s health. Graduates will have the opportunity to sit for national certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association, and Certified Health Education Specialist.

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Charles S. Johnson Wellness Center

Aside from being a recreation center, the Charles S. Johnson Wellness Center contains classrooms used by nursing and kinesiology students. Equipped with technology, the instructional space creates many opportunities for interactive experiences. A learning resource center and therapy rooms provide additional opportunities for engagement and real-world applications. An 81,000 square-foot building, the Wellness Center also houses a weight room, inside track, two gymnasiums, as well as offices for faculty and coaches.

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