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Studio Arts Major

If artistic expression is your passion, you'll be able to expand your skills and experiences at Grand View. You may enter school as a painter and fall in love with printmaking. You might start out sculpting in clay but discover that wood is your true love. From your teachers, you’ll learn skills and techniques that will help you work more efficiently and consistently. With your peers, you’ll practice the art of critique. And in art history classes, you’ll learn from great masters new and old.

Why Grand View?

  • Engage in hands-on learning experiences that enhance your development as an artist.
  • Create your portfolio of work to show to prospective employers or graduate schools.
  • Experience the strong connection between studio arts and design that makes your work versatile and unique.
  • Work with faculty who are well-connected to the vibrant Des Moines arts community.
Career Options

Turn your passion for art into a career as a:

  • Illustrator
  • Technical illustrator
  • 3D animator
  • 3D modeler
  • Studio artist
  • Production artist
  • Motion designer
  • Medical illustrator
  • Printmaker
  • Painter
  • Sculpter

What Can I Do With This Major?

Course Requirements

Prerequisites (12 credits)

These courses will not be counted in computing the GPA for the major.

ARTS 101 Foundations of Drawing I 3 credits
ARTS 102 Foundations of Drawing II 3 credits
ARTS 103 Principles of Design I 3 credits
ARTS 104 Principles of Design II: Digital Media 3 credits

Requirements for the Major (45 credits)

ARTS 199 Sophomore / Transfer Portfolio Review 0 credits
ARTS 240 Creative Process 3 credits
ARTS 440 or
ARTS 441
Advanced Studio Practice I or
Advanced Studio Practice II
3 credits
ARTS 450 Senior Seminar 3 credits
Six hours of ARTS electives 6 credits

Painting, Drawing or Printmaking Courses (18 credits)

ARTS 201 Intermediate Drawing I 3 credits
ARTS 202 Intermediate Drawing II 3 credits
ARTS 221 Beginning Painting I 3 credits
ARTS 222 Beginning Painting II 3 credits
ARTS 230 Intermediate Digital Photography 3 credits
ARTS 260 Introduction to Printmaking I 3 credits
ARTS 262 Introduction to Printmaking II 3 credits
ARTS 270 Introduction to Sculpture I 3 credits
ARTS 271 Introduction to Sculpture II 3 credits
ARTS 310 Intermediate Sculpture I 3 credits
ARTS 311 Intermediate Sculpture II 3 credits
ARTS 321 Intermediate Painting I 3 credits
ARTS 322 Intermediate Painting II 3 credits
ARTS 331 Advanced Drawing I 3 credits
ARTS 332 Advanced Drawing II 3 credits
ARTS 333 Narrative Photography 3 credits
ARTS 337 Creative Photography 3 credits
ARTS 360 Intermediate Printmaking 3 credits
ARTS 371 Advanced Printmaking 3 credits

Art History (choose 12 credits)

ARTS 231 Survey of the History of Art I 3 credits
ARTS 232 Survey of the History of Art II 3 credits
ARTS 340 The History of Graphic Design 3 credits
ARTS / ENGL 330 Visual Culture and Rhetoric 3 credits
ARTS 342 Twentieth Century Art History 3 credits
ARTS 431 Topics in Art History 3 credits
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Awards and Accomplishments


Four Grand View students were selected for the 2017 Des Moines Arts Festival Emerging Iowa Artists program. Julia Meyer, Emma Nichols, Janelle Logemann and Jenna Nunamaker presented their work in the downtown event as part of the program for Iowa college students. This year only 11 students were selected from the entire state.

Approximately 30 students were selected for the Juried Grand View Student Exhibition in 2017. Award winners were Kaitlin Bishop, Kayla Bates, and Brittney Hanson.


Small Works professional exhibition at Olson Larsen Galleries in West Des Moines, Iowa (2016-17)

Notes, Documents & Postcards Never Sent (one-person show) at Firetrucker Brewery in Ankeny, Iowa (2016)

Hell Bent/Hold Fast (one-person show) at Hill Vintage in Des Moines, Iowa (2016)

Did You Know?

  • Many students enter M.A. or M.F.A. programs in art or move directly to careers in the visual arts, working in galleries or museums or as artists, designers or art educators. Still others use the creative skills they developed in related fields like advertising, marketing, public relations and arts administration.
  • At Grand View, you may get the chance to spend part of your last year working independently in the studio, with the goal of creating work for a final presentation to the public. However, expect occasional critiques by teachers and other students along the way to help you craft your studio artwork.
  • You’ll do more than create your art at Grand View. You’ll also exercise business and organizational skills as you produce your show. You’ll need to choose a space, manage a budget, and publicize the event. By the time your opening rolls around, you’ll have a taste of what it’s like to be a pro.
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