nPod Application

We are accepting applications from students who want to be active, involved participants in the pre-nursing living-learning community. Participation gives you an edge in the classroom and in your nursing career. It’s a great way to find people you can relate to from the moment you arrive on campus.

There is a $50 per semester fee to live in nPOD. Please do not send a check with the application; you will be billed. Not all who apply will be admitted to the nPod program because of limited residence hall capacity. You will be notified in May regarding your acceptance into the program. In addition to the nPod Application, you must also submit your residence hall housing deposit and housing contract.

Get Your Questions Answered

Applicants must be first-year, pre-nursing students. Please fill out the following form and submit this application by April 30.

Questions should be directed to Diane Preston, Professor of Practice of Nursing, 515-263-2852 or dpreston @