Living Learning Communities

A Living Learning Community (LLC) is a group of students placed together on a floor or within a building based on a common major, common interest, or common program affiliation. Being a part of a Living Learning Community has a number of different perks, such as:

  • Develop an instant network of support from peers and nursing faculty members.
  • Have the opportunity for career planning with nursing professors.
  • Receive specialized tutoring and academic support for our toughest pre-nursing classes.
  • Explore the role of the professional nurse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to live in nPOD instead of a regular dorm?
As a resident of nPOD, you will have a chance to live with people who share your interests and goals, which can help you form friendships and make the adjustment from high school to college. And, because you’ll be taking many of the same classes as your floor mates, you can get around-the-clock help and support with assignments. 
Who can live in nPOD?

You can live in nPOD if you are a first-year pre-nursing students who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to living in a community focused on academic success while exploring the profession of nursing.

Where is the Nursing LLC located, and how many students live there?
nPOD is located on the third floor of Langrock Suites.  Each suite has four students in two bedrooms and contains a living area, private bath, and central air. Designed for up to 48 academically motivated and ambitious pre-nursing students who want to live in a quieter environment focused on learning and discovering nursing.
Is there an additional cost to live in the Nursing Living Learning Community?
There is an additional $50 fee per semester to be in nPOD. It’s worth it! This fee will cover guest lectures, review sessions for upcoming exams, social events, and snacks. The fee also includes a 50 percent discount on the required CPR class.
How do I apply?
Application and residence hall housing deposit are due April 30, however, you must first be admitted to Grand View before applying to the nPOD program. Apply online.
Does living in nPOD limit you from interacting with non-nursing students?
Definitely not!  Knowing other nursing students is very beneficial to your college career, but it’s also important to expand your horizons.  The opportunities to meet other students are endless.  In Langrock Suites alone, there are two other floors housing over 80 residents with different majors.  There are numerous social activities on campus and you have the opportunity to become involved in a variety of student clubs and organizations.
What kinds of social activities are offered for nPOD students?
This year’s plans may include tours of local health facilities, professional nurse presentations from multiple different specialties, floor decorating, shopping trips, pizza parties, volunteer experiences, and movie nights to name a few!  nPOD students provide input about the types of programs they wish to have.

Apply Online by April 30

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