Living Learning Communities

A Living Learning Community (LLC) is a group of students placed together on a floor or within a building based on a common major, common interest, or common program affiliation. Being a part of a Living Learning Community has a number of different perks. 

At Grand View, we have a nursing LLC in Langrock Suites called the nPOD.

  • The nPOD living learning community is a group of first-year pre-nursing students who live in the same residence hall and take some of their coursework together.
  • The nPOD, which stands for Nursing Place of Discovery, is a living learning community designed for up to 44 academically motivated and ambitious pre-nursing students who want to live in a quieter environment focused on learning and discovering nursing.
  • Students will learn to prioritize and manage their personal and academic life as well as build interpersonal relationships with peers and professors.
  • The nPOD environment is a place of discovery where students can explore nursing and have fun. 

What Are the Benefits?

  • Develop an instant network of support from peers and nursing faculty members.
  • Have the opportunity for career planning with nursing professors.
  • Receive specialized tutoring and academic support for our toughest pre-nursing classes.
  • Explore the role of the professional nurse.

Who Can Live in nPOD? 

First-year pre-nursing students who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to living in a community focused on academic success while exploring the profession of nursing.

Is There a Cost? 

There is an additional $50 fee per semester to be in nPOD. It’s worth it! This fee will cover guest lectures, review sessions for upcoming exams, social events, and snacks. The fee also includes a 50 percent discount on the required CPR class.

Applications are due April 30. Apply online or download the application.

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Trisha Highland
Trisha Highland
Assistant Professor of Nursing