Student Learning Activities

The IPE Collaborative offers a variety of student learning activities for students to select each semester.

Spring 2021 Events

Current Activities

Poverty Simulation
Students participate in the Missouri Association for Community Action Poverty Simulation which simulates the day-to-day realities of people living in poverty and mimics a month of living with limited resources. Participants assume a role in one of 26 family units varying in size from a single elderly person to a 5-person multi-generational family. 

End of Life Case Study
Case study addressing nursing home resident with ongoing physical and mental decline. Addresses advance directives and family involvement. Emphasizes the value of cooperation among healthcare professionals, clarification of professional roles and responsibilities when informing patient and family of health care decisions, and constructive management of disagreements that may arise during patient care.

Pediatric Case Study
Case study addressing child in foster care. Students will develop and interprofessional plan of care.

Opioid Crisis

Opioid Crisis
Case study involving an overdose. Students will work in both professional and then move to interprofessional groups with joint debrief session at the end.

Annual event where approximately 1000 first-year students from the DMAIPEC come together for networking and breakout activities. A different theme is chosen every year and also coincides with programming and a guest speaker.

Mass Casualty Incident
In this activity students will work through a mass casualty incident (school shooting). We will begin the activity by discussing mass casualty incidents, having students introduce themselves and their profession, and discuss the role each profession would play in providing care (pre-hospital, hospital, and follow-up care). During the activity students will use the START model to tag victims and discuss how their profession would collaborate to provide care to the specific patient.

Introduction to IPE Course

This event consists of a variety of activities designed to: introduce you to interprofessional education (IPE), provide an opportunity for you to interact with students from other professions at other institutions and, evaluate your understanding of IPE

MHA Risk Management Activity
An interdisciplinary team, functioning as a health care facility risk management committee, views recorded interviews with a patient, physician, and nurse involved in a medical error critical incident that occurred in an urgent care setting. The patient was ultimately transferred from urgent care to the hospital. The team must analyze the interview data, as well as the health system policies and procedures to address the root causes of the incident and make recommendations to the hospital risk-management department. 

Pediatric Interprofessional Team Challenge Virtual SIM
In this virtual IPE Learning Experience, students are members of the Risk Management Team at the fictitious Global Healthcare System, a medium-sized health system in a large Urban setting.  Global Healthcare Hospital System consists of 8 clinics, a small rural hospital outside of town, and a large size hospital in the urban area. Two to three pediatric patient situations will be discussed for review.

Medication Titration Simulation
Provide an opportunity for an interprofessional team to collaborate to care for a patient that needs a medication requiring titration based on set parameters. Each session will focus on one of the following medications: heparin, insulin, dopamine, nitro, norepinephrine, and diltiazem.

Previous Activities

Tabletop exercise providing students the opportunity to respond to and recover from a Category 5 hurricane. Students will examine responsibilities and assignments that someone in their healthcare professional role experiences during a natural disaster and learn how they work together within an organization and with other health professionals.

Disaster Preparedness

Prepare to respond to and recover from a Category 5 hurricane. Based on the National Planning Scenario for a major hurricane, this is a table top exercise developed by the Office of External Affairs together with FEMA's National Exercise Division to prepare individuals for catastrophic damage caused by major flooding, tornado, and other natural disasters. The students will examine responsibilities and assignments that someone in their healthcare profession role experiences during a natural disaster, and learn how they work together within an organization and other health professionals.

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