Master of Social Work 3+2 Program 


Since fall of 2022, Grand View University has been offering a 3+2 program to earn a Master of Social Work (MSW) in just five total years of schooling. Program participants begin taking graduate level courses while still working on their undergraduate degree. After obtaining a bachelor's degree, 3+2 program participants will complete the MSW program the following spring. As a first year student, you can identify your interest in being in the 3+2 program, although you will not apply to the program until the spring of your junior year.

Program Timeline

First Year & Sophomore Year

Take undergraduate courses as normal

Let your advisor know you intend to participate in the 3+2 program

Junior year

Continue with undergraduate courses

Apply to 3+2 program upon completion of 90 credits (talk with your advisor if you are unsure when you will reach 90 credits)

Complete BSW field education (spring)

Senior year/Year 1 of graduate school Begin taking Year 1 of graduate school alongside undergraduate courses
End of senior year Graduate with bachelor's degree (BSW)
Year 2 of graduate school Complete year 2 MSW courses (may include summer courses depending on specialty area), including field placement (fall/spring)
End of year 2 of graduate school Graduate with master's degree (MSW)

3+2 Program Advantages

  • Save tuition dollars while still earning your Master's degree (the tuition for the first year of your MSW is at the Bachelor's rate)
  • Complete the degree in one year after the BSW without having to take graduate coursework at an accelerated pace
  • Receive a higher salary in most cases
  • Develop social work leadership skills
  • Develop skills in your desired specialty area (clinical social work, administration and leadership, or school social work)
  • Deepen understanding and practice of social justice in practice and policy
  • Develop skills in program evaluation through practical application of research methods
  • Learn how to apply strategies related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in practice settings

Application Requirements

  1. Must be at junior status before applying and apply in the term in which you will complete 90 credits. (Check with your advisor if you are unsure when you will reach 90 credits).
  2. A Grand View cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required.
  3. Request two letters of recommendation: one should speak to your academic strengths, professionalism, and capacity to complete a graduate degree program; and the other must be from an undergraduate instructor. You will request these when you complete the graduate application. Recommendations may not be from Grand View BSW or MSW full-time faculty.
  4. You must demonstrate proficiency in writing through submission of an essay.
  5. You must be a member in good standing of the Social Work program and not on a plan for improvement.

Applicants who do not meet all of the requirements may still be considered for admission to the program on a case-by-case basis. In these instances, the applicant will be interviewed by the department’s Admission Committee.

Students considering this program need to plan carefully as the program requires students to take full loads and perhaps courses in the summer. They are encouraged to begin working with a Social Work Department advisor as early as possible.