English Language Learners

Are you a teacher who has students who speak another language in your classroom? Do you want to learn more about how we learn languages? Need more strategies to help your students learn academic language? Interested in learning more about assessment strategies best for bilingual students? Are you wanting to support ELLs in your classroom or teach ESL courses? Then the ELL Endorsement from Grand View University is for you.

What is the ELL Endorsement?
The ELL endorsement is an additional endorsement to your grade-level teaching license that will allow you to teach students who speak a language other than English. This endorsement allows you to teach students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.
Who Should Get the ELL Endorsement?
This endorsement is not only for those teachers who wish to teach ESL, but also for content and specialist area teachers at all grade levels who need additional strategies and methodologies to teach the culturally and linguistically diverse students in their classrooms. The program has this dual focus in mind with the design of its courses and assignments.
What Can I Do With the ELL Endorsement?
While some teachers with the ESL endorsement have switched to an ESL teacher or ESL coordinator position, many teachers with the ESL endorsement continue to teach in K-12 general education classrooms. The strategies learned in the program have helped teachers scaffold and differentiate their content to be more accessible for all students. Many of the teachers have continued on to complete a full Master of Education degree.

ELL Courses

You can start your ELL endorsement at Grand View University by taking a class or two and finish your ELL endorsement in only one year.

Online ELL Courses

Course Number Course Title Offered
EDUC 350 / EDGR 549 Language Acquisition and Learning Fall
EDUC 371 / EDGR 583 ELL Methods Fall
EDUC 487 / EDGR 587 ELL Assessment Spring
EDUC 488 / EDGR 588 ELL Practicum Spring and Summer
EDUC 377 / EDGR 577 Modern Languages for the 21st Century Educator Spring and Summer
EDUC 428 / EDGR 528 Serving Immigrants and Multilingual Students Summer
EDUC 386 / EDGR 586 Linguistics for Educators Summer
*Note: Some courses are offered on campus as well.