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Art Education Major

As an educator you will have the privilege and challenge of educating future generations. Grand View's accredited education program is committed to the preparation of teachers of excellence. It is a dynamic and respected teacher-preparation program. Education faculty, in partnership with practicing teachers, model effective teaching and classroom management. Students spend at least two semesters in supervised in-school settings in preparation for the student teaching experience. You'll also learn critical thinking and problem solving strategies and will be coached in the development of a personal teaching philosophy.

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Why Grand View?

  • Faculty members nurture individual students while holding them accountable on their path to becoming a professional educator.
  • We are uniquely positioned in Des Moines, Iowa, which allows students to experience urban, suburban and rural classrooms in practicum and student teaching.
  • Committed to developing teachers who are empowered to meet the diverse needs of today's students.
  • You have the opportunity to participate in a one-of-a-kind, research-based grant from the U.S. Department of Education. This five-year grant will prepare teachers with ESL endorsements. You will gain cutting edge skills, marketability and other incentives.
  • The Grand View teacher education program is accredited by the Iowa Department of Education.
  • Earn graduate credit: eligible undergrads can dual-enroll in up to six hours of graduate coursework to count toward both their undergraduate and graduate degrees.
Career Options

You will be doing more than just teaching with a degree from Grand View. You will be changing lives through education when you work as a(n):

  • Fine Arts Teacher
  • Museum Curator
  • Textbook Illustrator
  • Curriculum Director for art instruction programs

What Can I Do With This Major?

Course Requirements

Please note that the courses marked with * will not be counted in computing the GPA for this major, unless required for the content major or endorsements.

Pre-Education Requirements / Prerequisites for Courses

Minimum 3.0 GPA required (11-12 credits toward the major plus 15-17 credits toward General Education Core Requirements)

ENGL 101*
or ENGL 252*
or ENGL 220*
First Year Composition or
Academic Writing or
Academic English for Multilingual Students II
3 credits or
3 credits or
4 credits
A math course* Must meet GV General Ed Core

3 credits

A science course* Must meet GV General Ed Core 3 - 4 credits
PSYC 101* General Psychology 3 credits
SPCH 103 or
SPCH 126
Making Connections or
Speaking of Faith and Meaning
3 credits
EDUC 111 Introduction to Education 3 credits
EDUC 146 Psychology and Development for Educators 3 credits
EDUC 243 or EDUC 244 Instructional Planning & Assessment or Planning & Assessment for Art, Music and Physical Education 3 or 2 credits
EDUC 280 Social Issues in Education 3 credits

Additional Prerequisites (12 credits)

ARTS 101 Foundations of Drawing I 3 credits
ARTS 102 Foundations of Drawing II 3 credits
ARTS 103 Principles of Design I 3 credits
ARTS 104 Principles of Design II 3 credits

Remaining Requirements (63 credits)

EDUC 242 Pedagogies of Exceptional Learners 3 credits
ARTS 366 or
ARTS 245 or
ARTS 261**
Advanced Digital Imaging or
Interactive Design I or
Graphic Design I
3 credits
ARTS 319 Art Methods for Elementary Schools 3 credits
EDUC 306
EDUC 307
Education Practicum: Primary Elementary (Grades K-3) or Education Practicum: Intermediate Elementary (Grades 4-6) 2 credits
ARTS 320 Art Methods for Secondary Schools 3 credits
EDUC 309 Practicum: Secondary 2 credits
EDUC 421 Content Area Reading 3 credits
EDUC 442
Elementary Classroom Management
2 credits

9 Hours of Art History Selected From the Following

ARTS 231 Survey of the History of Art I 3 credits
ARTS 232 Survey of the History of Art II 3 credits
ARTS/ENGL 330 Visual Culture & Rhetoric 3 credits
ARTS 340 The History of Graphic Design 3 credits
ARTS 431 Special Topics in Art History 3 credits
ARTS 342 Twentieth Century Art History 3 credits

9 Hours of Studio Courses Selected From 1 of the 3 Areas Below

Option 1

ARTS 221 Beginning Painting I 3 credits
ARTS 222 Beginning Painting II 3 credits
ARTS 321 Intermediate Painting I 3 credits
ARTS 322 Intermediate Painting II 3 credits

Option 2

ARTS 201 Intermediate Drawing I 3 credits
ARTS 202 Intermediate Drawing II 3 credits
ARTS 331 Advanced Drawing I 3 credits
ARTS 332 Advanced Drawing II 3 credits

Option 3

ARTS 261** Graphic Design I 3 credits
ARTS 265 Graphic Design II 3 credits
ARTS 300 Graphic Design III 3 credits
ARTS 361 Graphic Design IV 3 credits

Other Required Art Courses (Studio Electives)

12 credits from areas other than the studio major.

6 hours of two-dimensional studio classes

(drawing, painting, graphic design, printmaking)

ARTS  - 3 credits
ARTS - 3 credits

6 hours of three-dimensional studio classes

ARTS - 3 credits
ARTS - 3 credits

Other Required Education Courses (12 credits)

EDUC 420 Elementary Student Teaching 6 credits
EDUC 425 Secondary Student Teaching 6 credits
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Is Art Education Right for You?

Talented artist? Great with kids? Enjoy inspiring others to create? Become an art teacher! You’ll graduate with the ability to guide others to artistic fulfillment.

You'll choose a studio area to study in depth -- drawing, painting or graphic design. You'll learn and be able to demonstrate best practices in the teaching of Art and as a teacher, bring to your students your passion for art and your own love of learning.

Did You Know?

Upon successful completion of the required curriculum of 130 credits, you are recommended to the State of Iowa Board of Educational Examiners for licensure in Elementary Education.

Return on Your Investment

At Grand View, we believe the best way to become a successful elementary school teacher is to spend four years as an active participant in preschool to sixth-grade classrooms.

Your experiences in Des Moines metropolitan area schools will begin during your first year of study and continue until you graduate with the skills needed to be a licensed instructor.

As one of the largest programs of our kind in the Midwest, we have partnerships with school districts, offering our students the opportunity to student teach and engage in field experiences at small, large, urban, rural, public and private schools.

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Dedicated in 2008, the 42,851 square-foot $8.5 million building houses the departments of art, education, history, criminal justice, political studies, psychology and sociology, as well as general-purpose classrooms, art studios, computer labs, the ALT Center, faculty offices, and various student amenities.

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