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Business Administration Major

We mean business at Grand View. Our business administration programs will prepare you for a successful career in a wide variety of industries and professions...and our internship program is second to none! Being in the heart of Des Moines means access to valuable internships that will put you a step ahead in the job market.

As a business administration major, you will develop communication and leadership skills that will make you a competitive candidate for high-level management jobs across a variety of fields. To supplement your broad education, you can declare a concentration in an area that interests you in finance, human resource management, international business or marketing.

Why Grand View?

  • Personal attention from faculty with real world business experience and expertise
  • Powerful internship program to gain real world experience
  • Rigorous academic preparation
  • Ability to customize your degree to fit your career goals
  • Available completely online!
Choose Your Path

The business administration major offers an even more enhanced and customizable experience in the following areas:

Finance Concentration
Finance is a growing field! In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, finance positions are growing faster than the average for employment in the United States. Using a blend of intermediate finance and investments, this concentration incorporates some flexibility so students are able to tailor their program to the wide variety of career opportunities a finance degree has to offer at Grand View. 

Managers need finance to find funding sources for their firms, to identify and manage risk, and to decide whether to make capital expenditures or produce new products. Individuals use the principles of finance to set long-term financial goals and to make personal investment decisions. 

Human Resource Management Concentration
This concentration incorporates human resource strategy, compensation and benefits, employment law, recruitment, staffing and training in order to allow organizations to leverage their work forces efficiently and effectively. It is available to undergraduate students of any major who have an interest in human resource management and want to prepare for a career in human resources or related fields. The concentration is designed to provide students with the core competencies to be competitive in today's job market.

International Business Concentration
Combining foreign language training, international politics and various business areas focusing on international environments, this concentration prepares you to be successful in a global business environment.

As globalization persists, people who can conduct international business are vital to organizations now more than ever before. With the international administration concentration, you will gain the valuable skills global companies are seeking. Often combining training in language and in other business areas, you will learn to manage business relationships across borders in a variety of capacities.

Management Concentration
The Business Administration: Management Concentration major prepares students with the skills necessary to meet the business demands of today and the future. This concentration allows you to merge your academic focus with your career goals. You'll study 21st century management issues such as knowledge management, organizational behavior and group dynamics, human resource issues, entrepreneurship, international business, ethics and project management.

Marketing Concentration
Incorporating a theoretical as well as an applied perspective, this concentration focuses on consumers' needs, wants and behaviors, as well as market segmentation, marketing management and positioning, strategic marketing as a critical role within an organization and the exchange process.

Professional Sales Concentration
This program is designed to prepare graduates for positions in retail trade, manufacturing and service industries, financial services, real estate, marketing, insurance and health systems. Business courses are appropriate for cultural, educational and governmental positions and for those interested in graduate business studies or law.

Supply Chain Management Concentration
This program e
mphasizes logistics, technologies supporting supply chain, working with suppliers, and forecasting. The Supply Chain Management program emphasizes practical application.

Career Options

Some of our recent business graduates secured these jobs:

  • Auditor
  • Operations Billing Analyst
  • Accountant
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Research & Remediation Analyst
  • Business Information Analyst
  • Merchandiser
  • Annuity Claims Administrator
  • Home Mortgage Consultant
  • Payroll Administrator
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Loan Servicing Specialist
  • Consumer Loan Underwriter
  • Recruiting Coordinator
  • Fraud Operations Supervisor
  • Financial Advisor
  • Software Developer
  • Territory Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Game Operations
  • Ad Coordinator

What Can I Do With This Major?

Course Requirements
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Student Testimonials

Dr. David Hannum

“Dr. Hannum reached out to me when I reached a low point in the semester, with life throwing many curve balls and the pressure got overwhelming and so intense, I was going to quit. Dr. Hannum emailed, texted and reached out to me to encourage me to take one bite at a time and that there are opportunities to finish strong. Even the strongest have weaknesses. I am so grateful for his encouraging words of wisdom and showing me that he really cared as a person. I will forever remember the impact he made on my education and my choices of hanging in there. Today, I know I am still a student through hard work, determination to not let go of a dream and encouragement from Dr. Hannum. He really has made a difference in my life. Thank you. The entire staff was willing to work with my situation. Grand View University really cares about their students.” - Regina King

Dr. Alec ZamaDr. Alec Zama

“Alec Zama has always pushed me to do my best. When needing help, he always goes out of his way to find the resources to help me. Every time I receive an accomplishment, he ensures to recognize it by sending a quick "congratulations" email. He is one of my go-to persons.” - Magda Almendarez

GV Degree Combinations

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Awards and Accomplishments


Alec Zama • Assistant professor of business, presented a paper at the Midwest Academy of Management Conference (MAM) in Chicago, Illinois, with the following title: Impact of High-CSE CEO on Top Management Team Composition and Size. He has been a reviewer and a presenter at MAM since 2009.

Alec has also been a keynote speaker at the Leadership Iowa Luncheon, a development program organized by the Iowa Association of Business and Industry Foundation where 40 leaders from across the state of Iowa participate in year-long leadership development activities. Zama's speech is titled "American Democracy: An Immigrant's Perspective." In his speech he discussed his experiences living in a communist society and in a democracy while comparing and contrasting the two systems.

What You Can Expect

Managing people is the tip of the iceberg in business. With a career in business administration, organized and motivated managers can keep every aspect of an operation running smoothly and efficiently. Day-to-day operations are as important as a plan for the future.

Choosing a career is often based on many different factors including location, growth potential, and—most importantly for some—salary. And while salaries can vary depending on your position, knowing your potential income can help you plan your family’s future.

The fact is: 65 percent of the business management jobs analyzed list salary information equal to or greater than $50,000 annually. It is important to note that industry and years of experience are factors that will impact salary. This should give you confidence in your future earning potential as you progress within your career.

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Oscar Aguilar
Dr. Oscar Aguilar

Assistant Professor of Analytics

Susan Andersen

Lecturer of Business Administration

Dr. Ryan Anderson
Dr. Ryan Anderson

Professor of Business Administration

Tom Annis
Thomas Annis

Lecturer of Finance

Hamid Awan

Lecturer of Business Administration

Dr. Kip Bottenfield
Dr. Kip Bottenfield

Professor of Business Admin

Scott Bull
Dr. Scott Bull

Associate Professor of Business Admin

Edward Bull

Lecturer of Business Administration

Benjamin Canham

Lecturer of Business Administration

Dr. Terri Deems

Lecturer of Business Administration

Laura Eaton
Laura Eaton

Lecturer of Business Administration

Sarah Engquist

Lecturer of Business Administration

Brenda Gill

Lecturer of Business Administration

Dr. David Hannum

Lecturer of Business Administration

James Henscheid


Mark Hicks


Shelley Hill

Administrative Assistant

Sandra Jennings-Hammond

Lecturer of Business Administration

Kayleigh Jones

Lecturer of Business Administration

Dr. Shannon Juergens
Dr. Shannon Juergens

Assoc Prof of Bus Admin & Dept Chair

Dashle Kelley

Assistant Professor of Finance

Laura Kinnard

Lecturer of Business Administration

Jeffrey Knight


Paul Leavenworth
Paul Leavenworth

Lecturer of Business Administration

Bonnie Leonhardt


Jacob Lovell

Lecturer of Business Administration

Randy Mead

Lecturer of Business Administration

Mike Miller

Lecturer of Business Administration

Doug Mitchell

Instructor of Analytics

Roger Nowadzky
Roger Nowadzky

Lecturer of Business Administration

John Peterson

Lecturer of Business Administration

Renee Pile

Lecturer of Business Administration

Mark Slavich
Dr. Mark Slavich

Associate Professor of Sport Management

Bradley Smerage

Lecturer of Business Administration

Levi Stacey

Lecturer of Business Administration

Mark Szymula

Lecturer of Business Administration

Ronald Tekippe

Lecturer of Business Administration

Thomas Turner

Lecturer of Business Administration

Mark Weatherly

Lecturer of Business Administration

Dmitry Yarushkin
Dmitry Yarushkin

Prof of Prac of Bus Admin, Level III

Dr. Alec Zama
Dr. Alec Zama

Professor of Business Admin/Econ

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