Viking Theatre

Virtual Tour

The Viking Theatre is a uniquely beautiful theatrical space. A true ¾ thrust stage, the playing area is situated with audience on full three sides, with four entrances to that playing area. The theatre holds 200 audience members, who all see the playing area equally well from their well-spaced, comfortable theatre seats. This intimate space has the unique ability to draw an audience into the action on the stage due to its proximity and the fact that nothing can be hidden from them.

The theatre can be transformed into a full arena setting, with audience on four sides, creating opportunities for shows and events best suited to theatre-in-the-round. Seats can also be placed on the floor, evoking a proscenium theatre feeling for a production or event requiring less playing area.

There is a fully functioning scene shop, costume shop and light shop for building productions, and makeup and dressing rooms with showers and easy access to the stage. Sound and lights can be run from the booth for theatrical productions, and basic lights and sound can be run from a stage position as well, which includes a large film screen that drops down the back wall. There are also well stocked costume storage and prop areas used for Grand View Theatre Arts productions.

Grand View Theatre arts mounts four productions each academic year in the Viking Theatre. The venue is available for rent to local theatres, and for other events, when the calendar allows. Find the form to request use of the Viking Theatre here.