About Grand View Esports

Esport PlayersGrand View University Esports became a sanctioned sport in August 2017, joining the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NAC), which is currently the only collegiate association. Unlike NCAA and NAIA, student/athletes a part of NAC can be paid for their participation in their respective sport (streaming, prizes money, etc.).  Grand View was the first higher education institute in Iowa to introduce a varsity program as well as the offering of esports scholarships.
Similar to collegiate Esports, Grand View’s program continues to grow, beginning with 12 student/athletes to 28 students. 
Grand View competes in game titles League of Legends and Overwatch. In addition, we field a Junior Varsity team in League of Legends. With collegiate uLol and the Tespa Overwatch season taking place in the Spring Semester, the focus on throughout the fall is player development, team organization and cohesiveness, scrimmages, and live tournaments.
Gaming PhotoOur team arena is located on a newly renovated floor in a residential hall. It is furnished with 26 gaming stations, gaming chairs and desks, along with a VOD review area with couches, chairs, and student lockers.  
If you think Esports is only about playing video games, you are in for a surprise! Our team takes pride not only in game success but ACADEMICS. We conduct team study tables, team workouts, and focus on giving back to our campus and community. GV Esports hosts after-school groups in the Des Moines area where our team serves as mentors. In addition, we offer summer camps for students to visit our campus and learn from our talented players and staff.
Team Huddle
First of its kind, GV Esports hosts our annual GESAC Classic and Clinic in the spring semester. This is a 2-day, live tournament where 12-16 collegiate League of Legends teams compete for a cash prize.
We have a variety of player ranks. We focus on recruiting talented individuals who desire to work hard and maximize their skills. If you are interested in joining our Grand View Esports team, please visit our recruiting page and complete our Recruiting Form.