About Us

Campus Ministry’s purpose is to reflect Christ within the Grand View community for the transformation of the world. Our vision is to expand Grand View’s Christian footprint on this campus and in the world. "In all that we do, we strive to keep Christ’s command to love people as we have been loved by Him (John 12:34-35)."

Our Lutheran Identity

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Luther Memorial Church

In 1899 a congregation of Danish Lutherans met in the Lecture Hall of Grand View College. It was later decided to build a church on the land opposite the college. From 1918 onward, the congregation called St. Johannes met at this building. The church's name later changed to Luther Memorial Church and now, over a century later, continues a joyful partnership with Grand View University. The partnership looks like using LMC’s sanctuary for GVU’s weekly Chapel, students teaching Sunday School, faculty and staff serving as members, sharing staff members, and more! Come be a part of the fun!

Faith Forward Project

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The Nexus Institute

The Nexus Institute is a summer high school youth theology institute funded by the Lilly Endowment. Nexus exists to transform the Lutheran Church through innovative and intentional development of young adults who want to be more involved in faith, life, and the church. Nexus is a life-changing opportunity where young adults engage in theological, leadership, and vocational discernment, all in the context of intentional Christian community, and are sent out to transform their local communities.


The Moses Project

The mission of The Moses Project is to give rural pastors a vision of ministry that will help them thrive in congregational leadership and in turn, enhance the vitality of the congregations they serve. This program is designed to help them build relationships with and learn from experienced clergy who will guide them through challenges at critical, transitional phases in their early ministerial career. Through a distinct and exceptional professional development program, pastors will receive critical support, develop innovative strategies, and engage in ongoing learning and opportunities for renewal. They will build the very network that will provide them and those they serve with vitality.


Theology Department

The Grand View Theology and Philosophy Departments explore questions about God, meaningfulness, and truth with passion from a faith perspective. The GV Theology Department will give you an excellent preparation for seminary, graduate school, or parish work because it connects the study of the scriptures and classical theological texts with questions of real life ministry.

Additionally, the Department honors diversity through exploring world religions, questioning power structures, and honoring diversity. The GV Theology faculty seeks to convey the riches of the best that Christian theology has to offer, all with an eye that your own faith will be enriched, and that you’ll be equipped for your future, whether that is further study or ministry.