2023 Study Tours Announced

April 11, 2022

The following study tour programs are planned for May 2023. Please contact one of the faculty members involved for more information.

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Denmark & Germany: International Social Problems 
Led Cathy Beck-Cross and Steven Kellogg

Join us for a study tour to learn how Danes and Germans address social problems and respond to marginalized populations, and use that knowledge to develop ideas on how to influence stateside social programs and practices. Students will examine their own bias and privilege, and develop an appreciation and understanding of self, career, and society. Through understanding the culture of the people of Denmark and Germany, students will be better able to advocate for self or others to create a more just society. 

Tentative dates: May 18-June 2, 2023
Tentative cost: $3,900.

Australia: Sport, History, & Culture 
Led by Liz Rullestad and Scott Bull 

From an academic and cultural perspective, Australia offers fantastic opportunities for students to visit and study global influences and practices of sports medicine and sport management. Students will be able to uniquely experience several cities in Australia and attend site visits and lectures that are exclusive to that particular area. Many of these lectures and locations are a once in a lifetime opportunity; we will be engaging with industry experts in both sport management and kinesiology. Students will visit sites such as Olympic Park in Sydney, meet with experts in the field at professional athletic clubs, learn about the Aboriginal culture of multi-ethnic migration, and experience the Great Barrier Reef. 

Tentative dates: May 8-25, 2023
Tentative cost: $5,900

Spain - Bridging Global Perspectives

Led by Coralie Turner and Amy Schumann

Join us to gain new perspectives and skills by experiencing Spanish language and culture through Spain's people, places, and tastes. This study tour will feature home visits, tours with native speakers in English and Spanish, and a myriad of cultural experiences including art, dance, and amazing Spanish cuisine. You will have the opportunity to build bridges vocationally by making connections with healthcare, business, and education professionals. This will include visits to hospitals/clinics, university/schools and a variety of businesses. No prior Spanish experience required. Come diversify your portfolio!

Tentative dates: May 9-20, 2023
Tentative cost: $4,500