Endowed Scholarship Recipients

January 12, 2023

Grand View University values study abroad experiences and offers scholarships to qualified participating students. Through the Alice (Olsen ’60) and Dan Mikel ’60 Endowed Scholarship, The Merv E. Bro Scholarship, The Thorup Scholarship, and the Joan and Bertram Stivers Scholarship, students can apply for scholarship dollars to finance a portion of their travel experience.

Criteria for Study Abroad/Study Trip Scholarships:

All scholarships require:

  • Students travel through a Grand View sanctioned program
  • Students have financial need as indicated by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Certain Scholarships are specific to:

  • Studying in Denmark
  • Semester and year long experiences
  • Junior or 3rd year students

This year six students were awarded $750 each from the Alice & Daniel Mikel Scholarship. These 6 students will be traveling either to Australia or Spain and participating in the summer study tour. Congratulations to Andrea Torres and Aviah Taylor as they use this scholarship to travel to Spain. Congratulations to Katherine Watson, Lauren Ukena, Justin Good and Michael O'Kane as they travel to Australia. 

The Merv Bro Endowed Scholarship is specific for students wanting to study in Denmark. Nine students were awarded this scholarship for $1500 each this year. Congratulations to Nancy Gift, Jacob Dickey, Caitlyn Hanafan, Marian Coover, Ungwa Itabelo, Delaney Barton, Olivia Connors and Melany Vry.

One student will be studying abroad the full Spring Semester in Barcelona, Spain. This student was awarded $4,000 from the Joan & Bertram Stivers Endowment. Congratulations to Mason Nicklaus.

Congratulations to Ruthie Jahn for receiving the Jeff Zimpleman Scholarship from Iowa Sister States. Ruthie will study at the Lorenzo de Medici Institute in Florence, Italy. To be eligible for the Jeff Zimpleman - Iowa Sister States Scholarship, applicants must: be Iowa residents for the past five years; and, be pursuing degrees/diplomas/certificates in the area of international business international agriculture-related studies, or international relations/culture (to include language, art and music). 

More information on Grand View Study Abroad and Study Trip Scholarships can be found here. If you have questions, please contact Heather Brady at 515-263-2914 or hbrady@grandview.edu.