Dr. Woods Facilitates National Psychology Teaching Conference

February 3, 2023

Dr. Josh Woods, Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of the PSYC Research Lab, organized and moderated the national Coast-to-Coast psychology teaching conference held on January 20. 

Invited speakers and presenters included:

  • Dr. Carol Dweck (Stanford University) 
  • Dr. Jasmine Mena (Bucknell University)
  • Dr. Monica Thieu (Emory University)
  • Dr. Alison Melley (George Mason University)
  • Dr. Rachelle (Anne Arundel Community College)
  • Dr. Des Robinson (Tarrant County College)
  • Dr. Garth Neufeld (Cascadia College)
  • Dr. Bridgette Martin Hard (Duke University)
  • Dr. Janet Peters (Washington State University)
  • Dr. Josh Woods (Grand View University) 

Dr. Carol Dweck, the first keynote speaker, is the leading voice and pioneer for research on growth mindset. She has revolutionized our understanding of human learning and the entire field of education. Dr. Jasmine Mena is a rising national star in addressing issues of culture and mental health, and provided the second keynote address. Grand View's Dr. Josh Woods is one of four organizers for the national conference and helped to moderate the conference. This conference was developed by combining teams from TIP Northwest and Psychology One to bring introductory psychology teachers together from coast-to-coast and make conference attendance more accessible for all.