Statistics Minor

The Statistics minor equips you with a general introduction to statistical theory, followed by further training in theoretical or applied statistics through a broad selection of elective classes. Through this minor, you will become able to participate in statistical analysis in the business or engineering world, and you will greatly enhance your preparedness for graduate study in fields involving quantitative analysis. The Statistics minor is an excellent counterpart to any undergraduate concentration at Grand View University.

Why Grand View?

  • Personalized electives to help you find the best fit for your interests and future goals
  • Dedicated faculty with open door policies who are dedicated to your academic success
  • Strong preparation for prospective high school mathematics teachers
  • Faculty who have expertise in applied mathematics, theoretical mathematics, mathematics education, statistics and computer science
Course Requirements

Statistics Minor (18-21 credits)

MATH 212 or
MATH 231
Applied Calculus or Calculus with Analytic Geometry I 3 or 5 credits
STAT 239 or
STAT 241 or
STAT 261
Statistics for the Social Sciences or
Principles of Statistics or Applied Statistics
4 or 3 credits
STAT 341 Regression Analysis 3 credits

Select 3 Courses

STAT / CPSC 260 Fundamental Programming for Data Mining and Analysis 3 credits
STAT 361 Introduction to Probability Theory 3 credits
STAT 441 Design and Analysis of Experiments 3 credits
STAT 461 Time Series Analysis 3 credits
STAT 430 Topics in Statistics 3 credits

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