Student Technology Resources

Grand View's introduction of the HyFlex model allows classes to support students through both face-to-face and online instruction formats. In order to participate in the online instructions, a laptop (with a webcam and headset) is recommended for all students.

Grand View recommends several different configurations based on the student’s major:

Recommended Configuration Academic Major
General Use Windows 10 Laptop

Most Majors and Core Class Use

Advanced Use Windows 10 Laptop 

Computer Science
Business Analytics
Management Information Systems

General Use Macbook Air Most majors and core classes
General Use Macbook Pro Most majors and core classes 
Advanced Use Macbook Pro Art and Communication
Students who use Creative Cloud
Video Production

Click here to download sample configurations of each of the above options. These are just examples but you may use this information to help configure your system. 

For Windows computers click here to visit the Dell Grand View Store.  We have pre-configured several different systems that would meet the needs of our students. If you are interested in purchasing an Apple Laptop try the Apple Education Store for discounted pricing.

Additional Resources

  • All students are eligible for a free version of Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).  Click here to download a copy.
  • Campus printers will still be available for student use.

If you have technology questions or issues, please contact the Help Desk at 515- 263-6100 or