Erin Lilliefor's Biography


Erin Lilliefors is from Muskegon, Michigan and lives and works in Ann Arbor Michigan. She graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2009 and began her first job as an educator at Hooks Texas. She then took a job as head middle school band director for Memorial Middle School in Winnsboro Texas from 2010-2014.

She relocated back to Michigan in fall of 2014 where she began her graduate work in composition at her alma mater Eastern Michigan. Which she will be finishing her Master’s in Music Education in the Spring of 2022.

She began working in Morenci Michigan as k-12 then 5-12 music educator from 2015-2017. She is presently employed as the Associate Director of Bands at Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor Public schools where she teaches Music Technology, Varsity Band, Concert Band White and Co-Directs Concert Band Purple and Symphony Band.

During her summers Erin works as a director at Blue Lake Fine Arts camp. She also spends this time working on compositions for her publishing company Leading Tones Music, LLC, which specializes in flex-band music for all levels and genres.  

Erin Lilliefors has had the privilege to be mentored by Matt Tropman, Ben Scarborough, Carolyn Bybee, Geoffrey Stanton, David Leach and many others. She appreciates all of the help, guidance and support these colleagues and professors have given her.

Erin owes her success to her family’s support and love for her daughter, Charlotte. 

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