Dr. Woods Publishes in Prestigious International Journal

August 28, 2018

Dr. Josh Woods, Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department, published a research article in Memory, one of the most esteemed scholarly journals in memory research. In collaboration with Dr. Stephen Dewhurst at Hull University in England, this research introduces a new approach to examine and manipulate the context details that are often reported with a false memory. For example, when an eyewitness reports their memory of a crime, Dr. Woods and Dr. Dewhurst argue the eyewitness' confidence in their memory is largely based on the vividness of periphery details of the scene (e.g., the shelf of cans behind the suspect, the lighting in the room, the odor in the air, etc.).

Though false memory research has been a significant branch in cognitive science, this is one of the first research findings to demonstrate the importance of context memory. The PSYC Lab is continuing and expanding on this work which is already showing early signs of more publishable groundbreaking results.

Read the article.