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Management Concentration - Business Administration Major

Grand View University builds business leaders and influencers armed with the skills needed to achieve success.

Earning your degree in business at Grand View means you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to reach the pinnacle of business success. We offer the undergraduate business options necessary to begin your career on the right path.

The Business Administration: Management Concentration major at Grand View prepares students with the skills necessary to meet the business demands of today and the future. This concentration allows you to merge your academic focus with your career goals. You'll study 21st century management issues such as knowledge management, organizational behavior and group dynamics, human resource issues, entrepreneurship, international business, ethics and project management.

Why Grand View?

  • Personal attention from faculty with real world business experience and expertise
  • Powerful internship program to gain real world experience
  • Rigorous academic preparation
  • Ability to customize your degree to fit your career goals
  • Available completely online!
Career Options

Many job opportunities exist for business management degree holders. Possible job titles include:

  • Office manager
  • Financial analyst
  • Account executive
  • Small business owner
  • Claims adjuster
  • Business development specialist
  • Advertising project manager

What Can I Do With This Major?

Course Requirements


These courses will not be counted in computing the GPA for the major. 

ACCT 211 Financial Accounting 3 credits
BSAD 145 Fundamentals of Information Systems 3 credits
ECON 101 Principles of Macro Economics 3 credits
MATH 116 Finite Mathematics 3 credits

Requirements (48 credits)

ACCT 212 Managerial Accounting 3 credits
BSAD 310 Principles of Management 3 credits
BSAD 311 Operations Management 3 credits
BSAD 315 Marketing 3 credits
BSAD 340 Business Law I 3 credits
BSAD 352 Corporate Finance 3 credits
BSAD 399 Internship 3 credits
BSAD 450 Business Capstone Seminar 3 credits
ECON 102 Principles of Micro Economics 3 credits
ENGL 309 Writing for Business 3 credits
STAT 241
BSAD 239
Principles of Statistics
Statistics for Social Sciences
4 credits
3 credits

Management Concentration

BSAD 375 Human Resource Management 3 credits
BSAD 410 Organizational Behavior 3 credits

Plus 3 Courses From the Following

BSAD 316 Facilities and Event Management 3 credits
BSAD 331 International Management 3 credits
BSAD 362 Property Management 3 credits
BSAD 365 Project Management 3 credits
BSAD 405 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management 3 credits
BSAD 425 Knowledge and Information Management 3 credits
BSAD 430 Special Topics (as approved) 3 credits
BSAD 432 Business Ethics and Professional Behavior 3 credits
BSAD 452 Service Management Capstone Seminar 3 credits
BSAD 453 Sport Management Capstone Seminar 3 credits
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Job Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that administrative services managers (also known as office managers) could expect an 8 percent growth in jobs from 2014-2024, which was about average. General and operations management positions were predicted to increase 7 percent during the same time. Financial analyst positions were expected to rise 12 percent from 2014-2024, which is faster than the national average.

Salary Information

The BLS stated that administrative services managers earned a mean annual salary of $98,930. The bottom 10 percent of these professionals took in $49,270 or less per year during the same time, while the top 10 percent of workers made $159,330 or more. General and operations managers made an average yearly salary of $122,090, while financial analysts earned a mean annual wage of $97,640.

Students who major in a business management study a wide range of business and leadership-related topics, and they may have the chance to study abroad while earning their degree. Ultimately, their salary will depend on the career they choose after graduation.

9 Signs You Should Be a Business Management Major

Take a look at the list of traits below to see if the Business Management major is right for you. This career path can lead you to so many different options and settings, giving you lots of flexibility and control over your own trajectory.

  1. You are a good listener
  2. You're unwaveringly consistent
  3. You're curious about online learning
  4. You are decisive
  5. You have excellent self-control in a crisis
  6. You love to learn
  7. You like meeting different people
  8. You are kind to people
  9. You want lots of options in your career path
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Krumm Business Center

Named after college benefactor and former Maytag CEO, Daniel J. Krumm, this academic building houses general-purpose classrooms for business students, a large lecture hall, computer lab for all students, and faculty/staff offices.The university's information technology department is also based out of the Krumm Center.

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